Detainees trapped in van drown in flood


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we tried to pull them up by attaching their shoulders to the bottom of our feet. Lord knows we stood there a long time with our heads just barely out the water and straining with all our might to lift them up with the technique every police officer is taught to save somebody by pressing down on them roughly with our boots.




There is an insinuation here @beschizza that a good faith effort was not made to rescue the two detainees. Nothing in what has been reported supports that at this time.


Well maybe if they didn’t want to die needlessly in a horrific and ghastly fashion, perhaps they shouldn’t have committed crimes. – Tucker Carlson (probably)


Perhaps it is just the risking of prisoner lives during a hurricane that is enough to make this wrong?


Dear me, that is so sad.


This is sad all around. For the two who died, and for the officers who couldn’t get them out and will probably remember the sounds of the two women dying for the rest of their lives.


You’re right, the headline does read a bit shaded. I’ll change it.


What is the one thing we have drummed into us by every official or semi-official authority when flooding occurs? STAY OUT OF YOUR CARS AND OFF THE FUCKING ROADS. What the Hell were they doing trying to negotiate floodwaters in a van?!


Now that things have been adjusted, I’d also like to point out how dirty and polluted floodwater is. A person can’t see their hand in front of their face.

I know this because my mom slid off an ice-covered road into a river once in her car, and she said the worst thing was not being able to see what one is doing, much less in a panicked state.

*The second worst thing was being the top story on the local news.


Probably escape an area that was about to be flooded. The Cape Fear River crested more than 25 ft. above flood level last night. The most dangerous part of Hurricane Florence is happening right now. Sometimes there are no good decisions.


I worked with a guy who slid off an icy road into a lake. He was sure he was going to die. He said his last thought was, “at least I won’t have to go to work tomorrow.”


“Oh gimme a break. They died on purpose to make the hurricane looks worse, and so make Trump look bad.” --Donny Jr. (probably.)


25ft?!!! Holy fudge!


I was reading before the storm that prisoners in mandatory evacuation areas weren’t going to be moved. I wonder what ended up happening with them and how they fared. It couldn’t be worse than Katrina, when hundreds of prisoners in jail were totally abandoned as the jail flooded, and drowned, trapped in their cells. The horror of Katrina wasn’t just the natural disaster, but the corrupt mass violations of civil rights by law enforcement and other authorities that included outright murders. Crimes that still haven’t been addressed.


In addition flood waters sometimes swirl and move chaotically and FAST…Sort of why I can understand that a real attempt may have been made and they truly couldn’t get them out. Of course I can see it also being feasible that the other end of the spectrum could be true, but I don’t see/get any evidence of that as of right now.


…“it just didn’t work out.”

That’s one way to put it, I suppose.


Other reports are now saying they were actually mental health patients, not prisoners. Sickening.


This is terrible.

Sadly, considering the times, wondering if the officers who survived even made any effort at all to save the “detainees” is not beyond consideration.

You’ll have to excuse me for not having much faith in anyone who works with the penal system or with law enforcement in general these days.