Detroit goes all in on 4.20

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Sending in an older white dude to cover 420 day…

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Saw that clip on the actual day; hilarious.


Youtube-dl keeps giving me that can’t-extract-uploader-id noise. Fixable by getting yt-dlp or probs w. following the youtube video about fixing that eheh… Just need to arrange some state house biz here…

Yeah that was a great bunch o’ interviews, thanks Detroit.


Are you feelin’ alright, Steve?


They also sent his ass to cover the “Michigan’s Best Weed” story when we had a Cannabis Cup sort of competition.

Dude should have a coupla tokes & mellow TF out. Eesh!

ETA: My BF frequents a terrific nearby provisioner called Luxury Loud. He bought me an appropriate baseball cap from there - LOUD is embroidered on the front, and AS FUCK on the back tophat-biggrin tophat-cool

Most of their wares are indeed Loud As Fuck, as advertised. I really enjoy all but a couple of their strains, and unusually, they only sell stuff they grow, other than some gummis & other edibles.

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I mean… he seemed pretty chill to me… a bit dorky and out of place, maybe…

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Maybe he caught a contact. We like our shit strong round here smiley-channelde_rauchen001

Here’s the other aforementioned vid:

I couldn’t watch for V long - he drove me nuts.

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