Devastating remix of Ellen's lecture on befriending George W. Bush disappears after copyright takedown ... then reappears in force

  1. Right: the list of perfect presidents is still a null set.
  2. My point was that absent his ability to ride whatever coattails his dad affords him, Bush 43 wouldn’t be able to show his face in public (if Jerry Jone’s luxury suite is public). Case in point: Dick Cheney, in whatever bunker he still resides. And if not for Trump, the same. Case in point: Bush 43 for the last 10 or 11 years until thinking, “Hey maybe I can go outside now.”

43 inherited Cheney from 41 along with everything else



I’m as liberal as the next mutant, and my conservative friends and family know I just won’t talk about politics in that I won’t bring it up ever. But I do respond if obvious bullshit (fauxnewz) is spewed. The truth just IS folks. When they said ‘oh you just love Obama cuz he’s YOUR guy!’ My response is always: I could name a half dozen or more bad things I hate about Obama and his presidency 1) flying death robot policy 2) didn’t put most of last administration in jail (incl GWB) 3) public option (FFsSake!) etc.

Only reason Bush looks somewhat sane is the insanity pouring out of Hair Tweetler’s tweedlemaphone 24/7 makes W look pretty good in comparison. Rage Mango’s term isn’t over yet so he still has a chance to cause widespread death and destruction.

Ask the Kurds… seems like they weren’t able to fabricate any dirt on Hunter Biden… sucks to be them.


Quoting an article that ran today on

“When I say be kind to one another, I don’t mean only the people that think the same way that you do, I mean be kind to everyone,” DeGeneres said during her show, laying out what she believes in her central motivation. It’s a good instinct, but as comedy writer Megan Amram observed, “You can’t be nice to everyone because nice to certain people is inherently cruel to others.” And when kindness is extended to those who have used their power to perform acts of abject cruelty, “kindness” becomes an endorsement.

That was a good remix. And Ellen’s pronouncement that her friendship with Bush#43 would make people “have faith in America again” is bullshit. :poop:


The legal doctrine of fair use is eminently reasonable, irrespective of agreement with the message or the messenger, either Ellen’s or that of her critic.

Abusing badly written laws with fraudulent DMCA take-down notices is wrong, shortsighted and stupid. Karma’s a bitch.

The only thing I’d like to know is whether Ellen knew about the take-down notices or her employer issued them without asking her. No, I don’t care if she thought it was legal; I only care if she knew about and failed to stop them. Her familiarity or lack thereof with the law is her problem.


I think Ellen’s awesome…but she’s incredibly wrong here. One of the reasons people act the way they do is because we learn at an early age there are consequences to what we do. Constantly spit at people and you won’t find many people willing to be around you. Be kind to people and you probably will.

George W Bush is literally a war criminal, and he tried to strip rights from LGBTQ people (probably just for political advantage—if he’s got any feelings on the matter, I’d be surprised if he wasn’t personally in favor of, say, same sex marriage, but knew demagoguing the issue would likely have been a winner for him at that point in time). There’s nothing most of us can do about that…but social censure is still a very real and very powerful thing. But instead of using that, Ellen gave him social protection, handwaving away his very real crimes and his heinous attempts to strip people like my brother of his civil rights.

Fuck this guy, and fuck Ellen’s excuses.




I suspect that it’s desperately bad news when, effectively, someone is mounting a “But how could you be so partisan as to politicize war?!?” defense.


Trump and his applauding, adoring fans on the Right.

DeGeneres and her applauding, adoring fans on the Left.

Fans have always made me a bit nervous.


If that was meant to imply that I’m a liberal or that I don’t stand by what the fuck I say, you really might want to check your assumptions there, bro.


But this is true. Ellen and Michelle are friends with him NOW, not in 2002. He isn’t being Wyrmtongued by Satan’s Helper, Cheney, and he doesn’t have his finger on the red button. Not that it forgives him. He was an awful president. Awful. Horrible. Almost as bad of a painter. But, now, he’s just another douche doing his douche thing and has a few smart friends, woop dee doo. Ellen is right. And nobody said I have to like the guy. I don’t. But she can do what she wants.

I’m sorry, but in a democracy you can never blame the president for anything.


What’s the fundamental difference between Bush in 04 and now, morally? He still hasn’t apologized for and condemned torture, he hasn’t apologized for the million people killed, hasn’t apologized as far as I know over the WMD lies, etc.



“The left” are pretty unanimous in their contempt for both Trump and DeGeneres.

The support for Ellen is largely coming from rich liberals. Who ain’t “the left”.


A twitter thread is your citation? Twitter?

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Cited as a quick example rather than definitive proof.

The lefty activists I follow are unsurprisingly unanimous in their contempt for DeGeneres. The only people I see supporting her are media elites, comfortable white liberals and apolitical celebrity-watchers. None of whom are leftists.


At least some people (me, for example) see a clear distinction between being ON the left (as I worded it in my post), and BEING a leftist.


this was the part i agree with. but yes, if i were her, i wouldn’t be caught anywhere near GWB unless i was protesting him.


Apologies, I did not intend to insinuate that you were or are a liberal. The meme was in reference to your second point about Trump, and meant as a rif on that. (Also totally agree we should not let Trump’s shenanigans lessen the severity of previous admin’s transgressions)

With regards to point one, as a private individual, Ellen can associate with whomever she pleases, regardless of how many people they murdered by proxy. As a public figure whose image of being a queer icon / marginal defender of human rights & decency is part of her schtick, this is decidedly off brand, and I’m happy she’s being called out for it.

It’s like someone asked her to be more interesectional, so she found the point where white feminism, bourgeoisie capitalist self interest, and war criminals meet