Trump not welcome on Ellen DeGeneres show


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She does a good job of hiding how hard she’s biting her tongue.



Such a stinker. I bet he doesn’t even return shopping carts.


I friggin love Ellen.


Ellen 2020!


What, 2 hours and no right-wing morons have shown up and tell us how Ellen is stomping on his First Amendment rights? They really have to step up their game.


I feel kinda ugh about Matt getting to interview her, though.
I don’t like him, and still seething a bit over the reasons behind Ann Curry’s departure.


I guarantee there’s a pile of them behind Trump Tower.


More and more, Ellen proves herself to be amazing and classy.


I honestly can’t imagine a scenario where he’s actually been within 10 feet of a shopping cart.



Have snort on me.


Now THAT’S a metaphor!!


Not only do I return shopping carts, when I first arrive at the grocery store I grab a stray cart from the parking lot and use it instead of one of the ones near the door. So even if I didn’t return the cart I’d be parking lot neutral. Thus contributing to someone’s unemployment?


Wow, ain’t you got a mouth?

I don’t live in a compound isolated from everyone else, but you know who scares me a hell of a lot more than Islamic terrorism? Angry white Christians.


You need to work on this part. Most “lefty idealists” are strong proponents of separation of church and state.


Ah, we were waiting for you to show up. :clap:


I was expecting the First Amendment idiocy but her claiming that an irreverent lesbian feminist comedian supports any kind of Abrahamic religious law exceeded even my expectations.


Welcome to Boing Boing, comrade.