Devin Nunes, congressman who took Twitter parodies to court, now sues Rachel Maddow

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They put him on the Intelligence Committee ironically.


Devin is never going to rise to the top of the fascist pile in his party by playing big-money crybaby lawyerball. That game is only won by actual ultra-wealthy people, like his sugar daddy.


I’m sure there are lawyers who will accept cows or compromising pictures of cows in lieu of cash.


Vexatious litigant? How many of these suits have been dismissed on prima facie First Amendment grounds?

I’m assuming dismissed instead of settled or decided on the merits simply because there would have been a lot more noise if so. I do seem to recall that he lost one of the Twitter cases on summary judgment though.


He volunteered to join because he wanted free samples.


At this point any defendant can write a motion to dismiss in one sentence,

“See caption, Devin Nunes is the plaintiff.”.


Hey, it gives him lots of free press, and it lets him cast himself as a victim underdog. It worked for Trump. It’s probably all covered by campaign finances because it’s part of his ‘brand’ or some shit like that.


If the shoe fits…


Davin Nunes, Republican Paladin … Jebus, what a schmuck.


Can we also get an accounting of how much time he spends working on legislation vs. all this bs? :thinking: Asking for some taxpayers who’d love to start docking several Congresscritters’ paychecks.


Devin’s so thin skinned, it’s a wonder that you can’t see his skull.


The political press doesn’t take him or other GOP defamation filers seriously, but they are in denial about what happens if current institutions erode any further

ABC already paid $177 million to avoid going to court under an idiotic “beef defamation” lawsuit – execs were scared to death of a Hulk Hogan style jury that drive Gawker into bankruptcy, combined with judges who would slow walk any efforts to appeal.

It would not take a lot more to see Nunes or Trump win one of these frivolous cases and then see Federalist Society judges decide to let them linger or even stand and force major press outlets to liquidate.

The 1st Amendment is on incredibly shaky ground due to a determined assault by the right wing, but all the political press cares about is 14 Yale sophomores shouting outside a building.


Headline fail. He sued NBCUniversal Media, not Rachel Maddow.

I would think there is a vastly higher bar to proving defamation of an elected official. As in effectively impossible. Or should be.
Suggesting a congress critter lose committee appointments etc is so purely first amendment as to boggle the mind he is not being sanctioned by the courts.

And given his master’s tendency to brand anyone who disagrees with him a 'traitor" and that whole Democrats are baby eating satan worshipping pedophile thing (that Trump is still waging his secret war with despite various announcements a pile of evidence would descend from the sky any moment now) tthat part is just too precious.

I thought we settled all this with the Peter Zenger trial in 1733 before we were even a country.


The end goal for the right-wingers is a situation similar to that in Russia: an ostensibly free press that is in fact completely cowed by and in thrall to the autocrat and his plutocrat cronies and dares not criticise them.


While I would never wish ill on any human being, I would not shed a tear to learn that Representative Nunes had been indicted, convicted, impoverished, and eventually left to die of COVID-19 in a cardboard box.


Which he caught at the local pub.


It would not surprise me if the same rich, right wing asshole who funded the Gawker suit is funding Nunes suites.

(Whatever one thinks of Gawker, it’s notable that Hogan didn’t sue the actual perpetrators who secretly recorded the the sex video of him and released it to the public (Hogan’s erstwhile friend Bubba the Love Sponge and his wife) but instead sued Gawker repeatedly in different forums until it stuck, and the judge wouldn’t stay the ruinously expensive judgement while Gawker appealed the verdict. Hogan was only able to keep suing after repeated losses because of being funded by a certain billionaire who had a grudge against Gawker.)