Devin Nunes: 'It’s possible' I talked to Lev Parnas




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I still can’t wrap my head around how the GOP strategy seems to be “hey? What if we implicate ourselves?”


“…it seems very unlikely I’d be taking calls from random people…”

Yes. Yes, it does.

I like him suing CNN for simply reporting what Lev’s lawyer stated. That says it all - that he’s not suing Lev or his lawyer, just CNN for reporting what was said, in context. How does he think that works? (Presumably even he isn’t that dumb, it’s just a silencing strategy aimed at smaller news outlets.)


It’s possible we’ve all had a chance to talk to Lev Parnas. Every time you’ve felt down on a bus bench and a friendly Florida real estate businessman took a minute to cheer you up, that was Lev Parnas. Every time you’ve dialed a wrong number and the person on the other end wasn’t irritated, but took the mistake in good-natured stride, warmly sharing a laugh with you over the coincidences of life, that was Lev Parnas all along. Every time you’ve looked back at your solitary footprints on the beach with confusion, well, that was when Lev Parnas carried you.

If your heart is open, I’m sure you can even see Lev Parnas commenting in this very thread, spreading his special brand of hope and optimism and real estate opportunities to all who need it.


Nunes is sadly going to get away with his outright, open interference (I mean he actually went to Ukraine and/or met with ex-Ukraine officials)

But Rudy Giuliani, there’s a man going to prison if only for a short while before a pardon, there is so much evidence and he’s completely outside the actual elected government directing government. Maybe just maybe it will take so long to prosecute him that Trump will never get a chance to pardon him, he’ll die in prison.

But is the USA going to survive this? Because what if Trump is re-elected, he pardons everyone so it’s like nothing happened, RBG passes and he gets another surpreme. Then it’s over for the rest of everyone’s lifetime right now, locked republican control, minority/women’s rights just gone. No immigrants.


The guy spends at least two days a week dialing up random rich assholes asking for more money (as do all congressmen) so I can easily imagine him not really remembering who he has talked to on the phone.


That and “I can’t say I know the man,” “We may have met at some point,” blah blah blah.

Nunes must have thought in his wee little brain, That works so well for Trump, think I’ll try it too.

I remember way back during the 2016 election, when Trump used that one weird trick when asked about support from David Duke. I don’t know anything about David Duke.




Je suis Lev Parnas!


You have no idea how tempted I was to respond to this as if I thought you were serious.


It’s his version of ‘must be this tall to use this ride’ He’s incapable of comprehending US law, and yet he’s there voting on US law. I hope he’s on the same cell block as the entire Trump Crime Family.


Also too:


We’ll also be watching Devin Nunes fall apart soon.



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This explains in part why the GOP is so desperate to make Adam Schiff (and the Mueller investigation) the target of hearings. They wanted to get ahead of the stuff they knew was coming about Nunes (and probably X number of other GOP reps & senators) participating directly in the underlying scheme to make those revelations seem like tit for tat.

It’s cynical, nihilist evil but McConnell et al are pretty fucking good at what they do and they know their audience. They’ve laid enough of a foundation with their base about all the other nonsense that they can plausibly appeal to the “both sides are corrupt so who cares” enlightened centrists out there and hand-wave this stuff away.

Or not, who knows, but nobody could claim to be surprised at this point if it works like a charm.

This is good stuff. I guess you could say that the real Lev Parnas was the friends Devin Nunes made along the way?


He may have spoken to the Russians?!? What was his clue that he may have spoken with them? Was it the many photographs of the many conversations he had with his Russian goombahs?

Does he think the Trump Crime Family © will help with his legal bills, because based on how Trump never pays his own bills, I’m thinking no. I think Nunes’ cow herd to will need to get sold to pay for his lawyers, and soon.


So tangentially related, but this just reminded me of being in grade school and finding out Ben Johnson had been stripped of the gold medal after testing positive for steroids. Johnson claimed innocence (of course). And one of my friends was like, “Oh yeah, maybe he didn’t know, like [does bad Russian accent] Hey Benny, time to take your vitamins!”