Dick Cheney complained that Donald Rumsfeld drank too much coffee


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Is 50 pots of coffee a week a lot, for 9 people + guests? Even leaving out the guests, that works out to 5.5 pots of coffee per week per person. That doesn’t seem crazy to me, but then I’m not a coffee person. I have an image in my head of people in these high stress government jobs drinking coffee pretty much consistently, all day long, every day. Maybe I watch too much TV.


Compared to a single M1 rifle, how expensive is this coffee, really?

Pennywise, pound foolish.


geez, and i thought my handwriting was bad.

cursive can diatf.


I love this sort of banal reminder into the affairs of the world. This is about a week ahead of Ford declining to bail out NYC (“Ford to City: Drop Dead”) a few days after Morocco invaded Western Sahara and - still - you need to pay attention to running the day to day affairs of an office.


Wait a sec.

Making coffee from the kind of grounds you could get in 1973 cost $2.50/pot [inflation-adjusted]?! At GSA prices?

Somebody was making a killing off this.


Probably used so much because someone kept shitting in the pot.


Was he Deputy Chief of Staff at the White House or hall monitor?


I’m gunna side with Rummy on this one; I hate when management starts cheaping out on the coffee service.


Cheney drinks baby blood for breakfast.



He did seem to get a D for his handwriting…


Had we only known that the way to stop Rummy would be to cut off his caffeine supply the world may have been a different and better place.


Also: This is only a little more than a month after not just one but two assassination attempts on Ford. And Cuban troops arrived in Angola. It was, as the curse says, an interesting time to be alive.



When I was a big firm lawyer, one of the partners had – in his wine cellar – a handwritten letter from President James Madison to his French wine merchant ordering a rather large volume of stuff. It was a really neat piece of ephemera. And, again, this guy had a country to run.


This explains the culture of cheapness at Halliburton that led to the Deep Water Horizon spill.


After reading this brief overview, I’m inclined to say hall monitor. When petty power squabbles are at stake, sniping about office coffee is not at all surprising.


It was just that one time, and now those damn democrats won’t let him live it down…


Five deferments from Viet Nam, that swine Cheney would have climbed a greased pole chewing razors to avoid that War. But sent thousands of Americans to their deaths for Haliburton.


I completely agree. He’s a war criminal at best. But much like the grand master of war criminals Kissinger, he’ll never get brought up on charges, and he’ll die one day, with his family at his side, safe from repercussions for his actions.