Dilbert dropped by "many news outlets" after creator's racist mutterings

Not a requirement but good if you choose to! At least then there is the one consequence of no longer being a popular meme (on the boingboing bbs at least).

The number of times that I have to figure out who someone is and if I know they are shit heads or not before using a meme is ridiculous! I just swapped a Sam Elliot “Both” out in another thread because I remembered that I don’t trust his apology about his homophobic comments (plus it breaks my heart…I thought he was one of the good ones!)

And if the hover text mentions eSports, well, that’s an automatic no go - those people can flip on you at any moment :man_shrugging:


Well, the royalties JC gets from that gif add up. $0.00 x eleventy million…carry the zero…nope, still zero.

So I think it’d be OK to use it as long as he’s not seeing any benefit from it.


Of course.


Real Housewives Sigh GIF


I was done with this guy when Pharyngula pointed out (I think he was one of the first) that Adams was arguing for creationism. WTAF. I liked his stuff way back in the 90s; even bought some books back then before anyone knew he was such a jagoff. Creationism, really? And it appeared he had a rather rabid fan base that leapt to his defense, exhibiting a very cult-like level of delusion.

Then more than a decade goes by, and Sam Harris had some interview w/ him where he’s trying to get to the bottom of why Adams admires Trump. Something, something, Adams likes magic (and the PUA scene, too, I honestly forget - this interview was only surpassed by the Jordan Peterson interview in absurdity in my view) and somehow ties that to Donald being able to fool people, I think? I’m not sure Harris or any of audience followed Adams’ supposed line of thinking, either. It was no more coherent than his most recent outburst, believe me.


What a Boer.


Now if only prominent news outlets would set up their own Mastodon instances and break the habit of using the bird site. Some smaller ones already have done this, AFAIK. WashPo or New York Times could set the example at a high profile level.


Yeah seeing him face any real consequences for being a complete asshole has been a long time coming.

I guess reacting to a based manipulated and deceptive poll about something you don’t understand by loudly advocating for racial segregation was the last straw but I can’t help but feel like… you know… there were a lot of straws already.


Well, I haven’t gotten a single twitter embed to load all day, so maybe it will become a self-solving issue. I find it amazing that news sources embed tweets as opposed to screen caps, anyway, but if they all start dying off their major support base will disappear. I don’t know what the metrics are, but media and professional media watchers seem to be the core of the business model.


I started to make a comparison between Dilbert and the much maligned Cathy comic because to my thinking both were essential “boomer humor.” But what I found really only made me like Cathy a lot better.

Meanwhile Cathy Guisewite was raked over the coals for creating a character who had to choose between childcare and work:

Found this quote on her wiki too and I like it:

“You were a liberated woman or you were a traditionalist. To even voice vulnerability if you were a feminist was wrong and to voice interest in liberation if you were a more traditional woman was wrong. So I believe the women I was speaking to in the early years of my strip were women like me, who were at that age in our 20s where we were kind of launched into adulthood with a foot in both worlds and no way to really express it.”

And fwiw I absolutely do not for a moment find that Dilbert was ever funnier or more relatable than Cathy and I straight up think Cathy’s art style is way better. Subjective of course but I literally think the drawings are more expressive and funny.


Honestly, that was something he actively cultivated.

FFS, his mailing list was called “Dogbert’s New Ruling Class”, and he spent quite a lot of time in each one pointing out that everyone in the world was stupid and credulous and closed-minded and ignorant and dumb… except for you, who are beautiful and clever and creative, my dear unique special subscriber.


I had an old archive of Dilbert strips. Reviewing them, none were funny, so I deleted the folder.

Here goes the last one:



It’s hard to tell whether Adams really believes anything he says—but at this point nobody cares



Rule of goats.


He got his attention, but it probably cost him more than he intended.


Oh hell yes.

I read is office stuff in the 90s and chuckled a few times, then he fell off my radar late last century. I learned he was still a thing when his MRA comments surfaced around 2015-ish. I assumed that would be the last we heard from him, but no. WTF?


My favourite reply to the Popehat toot (Joe is referring to Scott Adams):



(The attachment is a Scott Adams tweet saying that you can’t get the recommended minimum nutrition levels by eating “food”.)