Scott Adams, of "Dilbert" fame, threatens legal action over tweet mocking him

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Ever notice that the most precious snowflakes are white?

Anyhow, what was this kerfuffle involving Scott Adams about?


Scott Adams is such a disappointment to me. I really enjoyed “Dilbert” back in the day; even the animated show wasn’t horrible. “Dilbert” felt subversive at the time. But the more I learn about the man himself… yeah. Disappointing.


sigh just like when he threatened Ray Smuckles back in '08.


How is the creator of Dilbert a right-wing trump supporter?
Is there some unique blindness that causes anyone who thinks they’re white to be blinded to the flaws of spray-on orange shitgibbons?


Self-hypnosis, I think.


Here’s a bio piece from right before the election about how he came to idolize and worship Trump, who he refers to unironically as a Master Wizard.


Best Adams put-down:




Have you read Dilbert recently? The boss has become the protagonist. Really shows you who Scott Adams identifies with now that Dilbert has made him rich.


I just checked out Scott Adams blog. The first thing I noticed was an essay aimed at kids telling them to not listen to adults who say climate change is a problem. Never underestimate the power of self-delusion

A short excerpt:
"Throughout all modern history, when we humans see a problem coming from far away, we have a 100% success rate in solving it. Climate change is no different. All the right people are working hard at a wide variety of solutions and already know how to get there, …

If you are worried about rising sea levels, don’t be. The smartest and richest people in the world are still buying property on the beach."


Well it was blatant ad hominem, but shit like that is best to ignore.

Thanks for doing that!


That… No. Just. No. We did not. Every. Single. Major. War. of the modern era is a failure to head off a problem!!! That’s just ONE example. We failed to head of system racism, misogyny, homophobia, inequality, and many other things that were very much solvable problems.

As Greta pointed out, the science has been solid for most of my lifetime! We’ve made incremental change intended to not piss off big oil-based donors.

I have no fucking words for this quote… just… none. wow.


You know you’re getting a like from R. Kazenzakis on that one. No one has ever called Dilbert a horse dogg maniac.

He’s a rich white “libertarian” guy who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else–wouldn’t it be more surprising if he didn’t love Trump? He played the “I don’t even like Trump, I’m just saying that all the terrible things he’s doing are the fault of the liberals” game for a long time before sliding effortlessly into the “Trump is owning the libs and I love it” phase and now just worships the dude.

There’s a 10% chance he’ll show up in the comments here using a sock puppet to explain how smart he is and how great his dong works, so that would be fun, too!

God, that mindset is so unbelievably stupid and terrifying and perfect for what he believes in. All the smartest and richest people own lots of stocks, so don’t worry as we enter into October 1929! All the smartest and richest Mayans are excited about these Spanish fellows that just showed up, so don’t worry about that cough!


And now he’s the Barbara Streisand of Louis Farrakhans too.


ugh. i can’t fathom how he became so loathsome. i still read his comic – i suppose out of sheer habit – but i think i really need to just stop. if i could do it for the Wizard of Id and Shoe, i can do it for this jackass.


No, I haven’t read it in over 10 years, at a guess. That sounds irksome. I’ll stick with my memories.

Ah, but see… those aren’t his problems. He means problems like… I honestly don’t know. Whatever problems rich white guys have. Thwarting new inheritance tax laws by helping get an orange puppet elected as President, or something.


That isn’t horrible logic. Kurgasagt (sp) used something similar about conspiracies. But then again in this case, they can just rebuild.

But I’d counter that statement that the smart rich people ARE worried about it. Like insurers raising rates in areas with increased risk. And that hippy-dippy Pentagon has reports out on how climate change is/will affect military bases around the world. This is coming from someone who was a skeptic for years, but at some point the evidence becomes too great to just write off.


FWIW, Scott, our hatred of that man in the White House is just a by-product of the hatred we have for his actions, and the actions of anyone who lends aid and/or cover-up for such.

I don’t care if you love him to pieces, but if you support what he’s been doing, then yeah we have a problem.


Very true. Dumb rich people are absolutely still buying oceanfront property, because they figure it’s still livable for the next few years and they can flip it or something. But sometime in the next decade, home insurance in places like Miami and Charlottesville is simply going to become too expensive to make the investment worth it – or to let ‘ordinary’ people be able to afford to insure their homes.