Scott Adams, of "Dilbert" fame, threatens legal action over tweet mocking him

Or they believe the line that it’s nothing to worry about, and they are getting it cheap. Or they need to take a loss on something, and it’s handy.


“Cartoonist Scott Adams, P.A.B. M.R.A. P.O.S. M.A.G.A.t …”


I think that’s a point I am not fully convinced about. Reading old stuff from Adams, he tends to talk about things from an engineering/rational perspective and had never shy away from any subject. I used to think his “appreciation” was not for Trump, but for understanding his qualities of persuasion. I am not defending Adams, especially because I stopped reading his blog long time ago for time reasons. But based on old stuff, I could see him saying “this guy Trump is a persuasion genius and he will win the election”, admiring Trump for that, and not necessarily supporting the whole personality. Adams always sounded to me as someone who could isolate a complex subject into smaller digestible parts. And I can see him doubling down on this perspective without caring at all for criticism.
Anyway, I really like Dilbert, I will stay with that.


Reality is now backwards.

Of all people, I honestly thought the man was intelligent, and would never have fallen for the brazen stupidity of Trump, after making his fortune basically mocking incompetent morons with bad hair.

I had a dilbert cartoon in my toolbox, it is getting thrown out tommorrow, and I am never buying or looking at anything with it again. The man is an idiot, and he can go fuck himself.


That’s the thing about positioning yourself on the very top of the heap, and then becoming addicted to excessive power & privilege, while always punching down; it makes your own skin thin as fuck.


Clearly he meant to say only the problems of rich, white, cis het male Americans. Or possibly only his own problems. It amounts to the same thing for him as he’s obviously unable to see beyond his own frame of reference. (“History,” what is this “history” of which you speak?)

I mean, it is. He’s talking about people buying beach houses, i.e. he’s actually only talking about rich people. Being rich isn’t the same as being smart. Neither is the same as knowing about climate change. But more importantly, being rich means you can afford to rebuild a flood-damaged house (or build it to withstand climate events), can most easily sell off the house as sea level rise starts to become a problem, and are in the best position to figure out how to turn a depreciated house into a tax break, if worst comes to worst. It’s like saying, “rich people aren’t worried about decaying infrastructure” when they’re commuting to work via their private helicopters.





All the folks with trashed beach front property just get a big fat reimbursement check from the government. I guess that’s the “smart” thing to do?

Me too. I used to be on his mailing list years ago, which mostly consisted of smart silicon developer types.

No doubt he’s a smart guy, but like a lot of smart people – I’m thinking Camille Paglia who went out in a similarly disappointing puff of smoke – pandering to the anti-bandwagon became lucrative and ego-propping, and also stifling of any growth as a compassionate human being.


Can we move on to calling him “Scott Adams, of ‘Donald Trump is a literal wizard’ fame”? I know she’s busy what with all of the work she’s doing on Minecraft and the Skyrim soundtrack, but can we retroactively assign stewardship of Dilbert to Hatsune Miku too?


The fact that $12M houses are selling on the low-lying islands of the Florida Keys, tells you a lot. The highest non-bridge point of the Keys is the historic Hemingway House, at 11 feet above sea level. :flushed:


markets never chaotically switch from one consensus valuation of an entire class of assets to another completely different valuation of those assets, with no warning and no logic

oh wait


I predict that this will exactly be his position when Trump is impeached and/or disgraced: “I never supported his ideas, I just admired his ability to get elected.”

This is a lie. he is all in on Trump’s policies.


Well the logic is, if climate change is going to make beach front property unusable, then they wouldn’t but it. That make sense to a degree. I mean, I bet you can find some people NOT investing in certain areas due to climate change concerns.

Of course it doesn’t take into account rich people who don’t care about what happens 20 years down the line, they are enjoying it now. They may not believe it will truly become unusable/unsellable about some point. They may believe the government will just buy them out if it gets that bad. Or they just don’t care, they will eat the cost for the luxury of using it while they can.


To be fair, I bet most of them are investment-envelopes-coincidentally-in-the-shape-of-buildings or few-questions-asked-money-laundering-devices rather than people considering habitation.

I actually won’t be surprised if the bank kept turning over numbered lots of “investment opportunities” like this even after they go full Atlantean.



Your honor, Mr Adams has defamed our company calling it a “piece of shit”. We are going to demonstrate today how our company is not in any form composed of feces.


Oh, definitely. You had to be in that position already in the Keys, given that they are effectively bulldozed every few years by Cat 5 hurricanes. Only Key West really weathers those on a regular basis.


I dunno, I used to follow his blog, and something happened around 2014, and he went seriously off his rocker. At first you couldn’t tell whether he was telling poor not funny jokes, as he presented it, or was in fact serious about some fairly cray cray ideas.

Over time, it became clearer and clearer that it was in fact the cray cray.


Scott Adams has become a small, small man. :frowning: