"Dirty Don's" suspicious red spots could mean "Trump has syphilis, and even worse, syphilis has Trump" — Jimmy Kimmel

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so TMZ has a …uh maybe(?)buzzkill on this one. (curious how every image of clownstick’s red spots look slightly different) They say it’s just a paper-cut. Now… why even such a moron as he wouldn’t clean up a cut rather than spread it about, does strain credulity [shrug]

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Donald Trump’s Hand Mystery Blotches Spark Speculation … We Have An Answer!!!

Anyway, we talked to some folks and sources tied to the Trump campaign are telling us a different story than what people think they saw in the OG pic. We’re told the only thing that was afflicting Trump that day was a simple paper cut, and he accidentally spread the blood around his hand. Yep, that’s what the Trump camp is saying here … just a little nick.

While that might sound hard to believe, it might actually be the truth – again, DT came out with his hand seemingly cleared up and free of any abrasions … so maybe it was just blood.

(or… ketchup?)


:notes: They’re whispering his name
Through this disappearing land
But hidden in his coat
Is a red right hand :notes:


Nah… that makes him seem cool. He’s not cool.



Nah - they just covered it with more makeup.


From signing autographs with a leaky red Sharpie?


Ha ha ha, ho ho ho, hi hi hi. I get it.
But given that everything that Trump touches gets worse this is not a good scenario.


Buffy ref
Xander Harris : Maybe it’s the syphilis talking, but… some of that made sense

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That’s his real colour, and those spots are where some of the oompa loompa makeup washed off.

This is a major pet peeve of mine.

Because of medication I bleed and bruise easily, many
times I don’t realize it until I see I’m leaving a blood trail.

I know I don’t have any diseases but people around me don’t so I clean up properly as if I did have a blood borne illness. I carry bandaids and blood clotting powder.

I hate when I see people bleeding and not, at least, wipe it up.

In an emergency situation I’ll jump right in to help but in a first aid situation I’ll take precautions.

I would think such a wealthy and important man as the guy in the photo would at least have someone nearby with kleenex or a hankerchief to clean up his messes.

I know, he makes the messes but never quite cleans them up.


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