Disembodied facial-feature candles


These look awesome. Can hardly wait to burn them. It’s just that living with my partner, candles are like juvenile art. Collecting is one thing, but how do you dispose of them. Curation is an underappreciated skill.


Looking up “rictus” at Dictionary.com, I see that the plural is “rictus” or “rictuses”. I would have guessed that “ricti” was an option (based on the apparently mistaken idea that it’s a first-declension masculine Latin noun). But Cory, you’re way out there with “rictii”.

Hey, aren’t you the guy who has trouble with “one automaton, two automata”? I’m seeing a pattern here.


Yes, it’s called a paradigm. A preposterously pedantic paradigm, perpetrated by the… well, I’ve run out of alliterative rhetoric at this point. But you get my scathing drift.

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Why would I want a vegan dismembered human candle?


Harlan Ellison needs one of these.

Think about it.


I thought I would love to burn one of these at a party while playing a recording of someone screaming in agony, but then I realized the lack of movement would kill the effect.

“Her smile just lights up a room!”


Came here to say they don’t teach fourth declension until Latin 2 when the dilettantes have dropped out. That’s why we get people running around saying “octopii” and “virii”.

Guys, this is the internet. It’s like an open-book test.


The mouth candles are interesting (and would be perfect if the center of the candles was red wax), but the ear candles are kind of freaking me out. I can’t stop thinking of Sloth from The Goonies.

Is it made out of real ear wax?

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