Disney+ covered up Daryl Hannah's bare butt in Splash

It’s what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps.


It was released under the Touchstone label but it was such a big hit for the company that Eisner actually wanted to integrate it into the ride that eventually became “Splash Mountain.” As in, you were supposed to ride the log flume past all the singing animals and then inexplicably end up face-to-face with a goddamn mermaid.

The Imagineers eventually convinced him that mermaids would be weird and off-theme for a ride based on a bunch of beloved cartoon characters from a disturbingly racist family film, but they kept the name “Splash Mountain” because it was determined to be more catchy than “Zip-a-Dee River Run.”


What? You shoot it out of a large metal tube?

(Hint: the camera brand is not spelt like that, either.)


And yet they left in all of The Simpsons hardcore nudity…



I know it’s off topic but the thing that really infuriates me about Lucas’ “Specialized” editions of Star Wars is the fact that he took all the prior versions out of circulation so the films no longer hold much “special” meaning to me.

Aside from downloading Harmy’s “despecialized” versions from torrent, I’m not allow to watch the films in their original form anymore. I actively avoid them now when they’re on cable as it’s not just Greedo shooting first that irritates me, but the entire scene in Jaba’s palace with newer, shittier music that I simply can’t bear to watch.

When I get a hankerin’ for a SW fix, I bust out my old VHS tapes that my brother made from the original laserdisc version back in the late 80’s. It’s honestly the only reason I still have a VHS player.


Worse, they’re in positions of authority. They promote and display stunning levels of ignorance about human anatomy & reproduction:


The puritans didn’t die out. One of the more moronic examples is the current vice president.


I wonder how “miffed” and “funsters” translate in the foreign language versions.

I just found and downloaded the 4K77 1080p “despecialized” editions, but haven’t watched them yet. Harmy’s versions are really good even at 720p with just a few noticeable edits, so I’m hoping these are just as good with higher visual quality. https://www.thestarwarstrilogy.com/project-4k77/


I’ve said it here before, but I’ll say it again: I believe the real reason they didn’t integrate Splash into Splash Mountain was because the Imagineers knew that building an animatronic Daryl Hannah would come dangerously close to building the replicant Pris from Blade Runner (played by Daryl Hannah), and they were afraid that having a murderous android in the theme park would be too similar to Westworld.




I’d be willing to bet that’s going to change some time soon. Luca’s excuse all these years was the at original material didn’t exist anymore, and only work prints of the 90’s special edition were available for new releases.

But your talking a company that archived virtually every thing else and projection prints of practically everything have continued to turn up.

Supposedly the real hold up is that Fox owned distribution rights for Empire and Jedi until, I think it was 2010. Or maybe it was a year or so after the Disney Buyout. And A New Hope indefinitely. I wouldn’t be sure how much of a factor it was for Lucas. But it’s apparently a big reason Disney hasn’t done it yet.

Disney now owns Fox and the full distribution rights outright.

I’m pretty sure it was the surprisingly mild “pissed” and “fuckers,” respectively. It was the late '80s/early’90s.

I recall reading at the time of the sell to Disney, part of Lucas’ deal was that only the special editions get shown/released. I don’t think we are ever going to see an official high quality release of the original theatrical cuts. Thank god for Harmy’s ESB abd ROTJ and the 4k77 pirate versions.

I guess I’m too stressed to get lost in the narrative these days, because all I could think was, “Too close! Six feet! DON’T KISS TOM HANKS!!!”


I remember back in the day a TV edit used the term Melon Farmer, which was hilarious hearing the dubbing actors trying to say that with any force!

Taught my 5 year old niece to address her friends as goddam melon farmers and she got pulled up for the blasphemy :slight_smile:


Only show attractive butts. No hairy old man butts, please! It affects the concessions sales.

Not like THAT one.




Yup, shoulda gone with goshdang or goshdarn melon farmers to be fully safe.

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