Disney v. Gilead

Maybe not bar exam questions, those tend to be a bit more meta or about generally applicable topics. But definitely in the text books and classes. I first leaned the phrase “don’t fuck with the Mouse” in law school. Disney plays a huge (arguably detrimental) part of US copyright law. Plus, profs are always looking for ways to make law school more entertaining. If it wasn’t for Disney being, well, full of lawyers, there would probably be entire courses on how Disney has used and abused the law


Which is probably why this case is always in Intellectual Property textbooks


I don’t remember that one! Though, tbf, law school was like 25 years ago. I had one prof who tried so hard to tie some novel I can’t remember into the class on court procedures. Another who ran his class a bit like a game show, and a third who composed songs about cases. It’s a pity that last one was a sexist creep


McDonald’s learned its lesson there, afterward always going after even the smallest fried fish in the sea.


The King of England does exist, it’s just that he has other superior titles too.

“Charles the third, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of His other Realms and Territories King, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith”

He’ll always be Charlie to me though.


Did we see this news today? Mickey really screwed over DeSantis, rumor is he’s not happy.

The best part is this perfectly legal covenant. They can’t do perpetuity so they gave it an expiration date.

It will be in effect until 21 years after the death of the last survivor of the descendants of England’s King Charles III, the declaration said.

Mickey has better lawyers than DeSantis.


Yep, about 17 posts upstream.


I scrolled, I really did.


I guess I’m not the only one


Oh my. I totally did not get this part of the whole thing. That’s just amazing.

Disney staked its claim to the Magic Kingdom on a LITERAL PRINCESS, since the youngest of Charles’s descendants born at the time of this Declaration is Harry and Meghan’s daughter Princess Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, the only member of the British Royal Family born in America.

That’s fucking awesome.


And at which point in the movie is DeSantis going to turn from a hideous monster into a handsome prince?


Perhaps he will fall off Space Mountain instead?


I hadn’t twigged that she was born in USA. There’ll have been some diplomatic wrangling over whether it was appropriate or not for her to be a (joint) US-citizen by birth on US soil.

She is a joint citizen. Likely not a major argument since her parents have resigned from royal duties.


So she could run for President in 2056?


I’m thinking more on these lines


Disney is suing deSantis.

Plaintiff respectfully requests that this Court grant the following relief:

A. Declare that the Legislative Declaration is unlawful and unenforceable because it abrogates Disney’s rights in violation of the Contracts Clause;
B. Declare that the Legislative Declaration is an unlawful taking of Disney’s property rights without payment of just compensation in violation of the Takings Clause;
C. Declare that the Legislative Declaration is unlawful and unenforceable because it was an arbitrary and irrational voiding of the Development Agreement and Restrictive Covenants in violation of the Due Process Clause;
D. Declare that the Legislative Declaration is unlawful and unenforceable because it was enacted in retaliation for Disney’s speech in violation of the First Amendment;
E. Declare that the Contracts remain in effect and enforceable;
F. Declare that Senate Bill 4C and House Bill 9B are unlawful and
unenforceable because they were enacted in retaliation for Disney’s political speech in violation of the First Amendment;
G. Issue an order enjoining Defendants from enforcing the Legislative Declaration;
H. Issue an order enjoining Defendants from enforcing Senate Bill 4C and House Bill 9B;
I. Award Plaintiff its attorney’s fees and costs; and
J. Grant such other relief as this Court may deem just and proper.


You don’t mess with the mouse!


Overall this is good news, as quite a few Imagineering folks were either reluctant or entirely unwilling to make the move to FL even before the hateful legislation and the fight with the governor. But man, what a major disruption to the whole Imagineering division for nothing. Lots of prominent, long-time Imagineers took early retirements or left for other jobs rather than agree to the relocation, so that’s talent and institutional knowledge that they’ve probably lost forever. And some other folks already moved out there. What a mess.


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