Disney World decides to allow Sikh postman to deliver mail at resort

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Only 7 years and a letter from the ACLU + Sikh Coalition later, Disney realized the prospect of a legal liability and made one religious accommodation.

Bravo Disney…/s

Because Disney is a major multinational corporation, its decision to grant Mr. Singh a religious accommodation is an important step forward in achieving workplace equality for Sikhs and others of minority faiths, and Disney should be applauded. - The ACLU


Getting kinda loud in here!


I’m a bit surprised that Disney didn’t go for the epic fail by offering to allow him in public sight, so long as his uniform was modified enough that he could be passed off as a minor Aladdin-franchise character.


When I was living in Oslo, Norway, the public transport service was a very inclusive organization (and I don’t believe it’s changed for the worse in that respect, despite having lived elsewhere for over a decade). Their uniform regulations had a strict colour scheme, but I understand they supplied employees with turbans, hijabs, and other religous headgear in that colour scheme.

I did quite often see bus/tram/subway drivers and conductors wearing religous headgear that matched the uniform jacket, so they were in no way segregated from the customers. On the contrary, most of them seemed to be working in customer-facing positions, be it out on operative vehicles or in ticket booths at manned stations.

I’m not going to be the one to joke about clip-on Mickey Mouse or Goofy ears for the turban. On the contrary, I think that would be an awesome addition to the Disney theme.


Okay, all of you Disney bosses, let’s sing,

It’s a small world after all…


“his facial hair and turban violated the resort’s “Disney look” policy”

unavailable for comment.


I would say that in normal US usage, “Postal Carrier,” is either a USPS employee or a “star route” contract carrier for the USPS. I suspect that he would be more accurately characterized as a “mail room clerk” or “mail boy”


It’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home!


Does not compute.


Most likely some stupid manager was more about upholding rules and bossing over employees than over taking a look at the resort and figuring out how to just make the guy fit into the theme. He looks quite in-character anyway.

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It’s a perfectly understandable policy. Get a load of this guy. You just know he’s hiding something behind that facial hair.


I read about one of the cast members who portrayed Jack Sparrow. He was actually required to shave off his real Jack-Sparrow-esque beard and glue on a fake one just to comply with their nutty facial hair policy.


I think you’re right, but for a moment I was afraid Disney was actually dictating where and when a Federal employee could do his job. Wouldn’t surprise me, in this New American Century.

Somehow I doubt my “I’m a grown man ergo I have facial hair” religion will be granted equal accommodation. Yay, special treatment for superstition.

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Disney didn’t like the beard or the turban but I saw no mention of the sword or knife that is required of all Sikh males, at least where I come from.

A kirpan. Sometimes hand-wringers don’t get the opportunity it presents because they can be quite small and are only required to be on the person, not on display.


Like my straight razor.

Grow a beard, and then you can keep the straight razor in your pocket.

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Or in your beard.