Disneyland's Blue Bayou restaurant lights up their menus

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At 40 I wouldn’t have cared. At 50 I’m wishing all restaurants had these. Nobody told me my eyes were going to become opaque in my 40s.


Backlit menus are starting to show up around here:


They are awesome!


I hear ya. I wish I could zoom in on paper like I can zoom in on a tablet.

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i have a friend who took a picture of the menu and then zoomed in on the photo, which struck me as pretty smart.

Smart, until you realize you’ve blurred the picture, so you’re just zooming in on an illegible blur.

Finally! Every time I’ve been there, it’s been so hard to read the menus that most diners have been in the habit of using cell phone flashlights, which ruins the atmosphere.

Today on Boing Boing’s First World “Problems.”


My pet hate is zooming in on maps to read the roads etc and after a nanosecond all the text scales to original 1px font. Bleh,

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depends on the camera and the person taking the photo, naturally.

Why not turn up the lights so that people can actually see what they’re eating?

Restaurants shouldn’t make menus easier to read? Okay.

Because the restaurant looks like this inside. There’s plenty of light to see what you’re eating but as with any low-light atmospheric place, it gets harder to read menus when you’re older (as I’ve discovered).

(The irony is that 90% of diners will just be ordering the Monte Cristo sandwich anyway, whether it’s on the menu or not, which it sometimes isn’t)


Theme restaurant idea: the menu is completely incomprehensible, and none of the waitstaff speaks the language the vast majority of the customers speak. Customers order by pointing, and usually receive something that has tripe and other unidentifiable organ meats (if they’re lucky). Dietary restrictions? Questions, comments, or complaints? Anything besides order, eat, and get out? Poopy for you, you can’t do that there. The hipsters will love it, and I’m sure nobody will have any problems with anything there. /s


Yeah, my kids already complain that it’s possible to make out details like the air vents in the ceiling of that area, which is meant to be a dark night sky.

People accidentally losing their balloons in there is what really kills the illusion though.

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This must have JUST happened. I was there less than two weeks ago (still sad) and there were no lights. Doesn’t matter. Always love that place. But, seeing the interior more, I don’t know why the lights aren’t a bit brighter. I think the decor is gorgeous and would make it more interesting for the beginning of Pirates

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