Disney's animatronic Spider-Man flies thru the air

Maybe they can use animatronic Spidermen and revive Spiderman: The Musical but without all the injuries?

I wouldn’t be surprised if that musical is the reason Disney decided that they didn’t want to risk human actors for the aerial stunts.

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Disney Man, Disney Man
Does what Bob Iger says he can
Films are full of product ties
Gotta expand the franchise
Look out, here comes Disney Man


That’s not exactly a phenomenon that started with the Disney acquisition. (Pictured: Screenshot from Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man 2)

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I suppose Disney provides healthcare and a regular paycheck, so some people’s dream.

True. But past the cynicism, there are people who dress up and do flips as Spider-man for fun. Access to rigging for some stunts and an audience of fans, and a paycheck - hopefully it is living the dream and not just another boring job to them.

I suppose it might lose its fun over time.

Many of my friends who were ‘Cast members’ as teens worked the jobs for a long time because it was fun. I am familiar with some musicians and actors working in the parks as well, and they enjoy the work. Mostly they play in bands and perform in parades, but they are glad to do it.


The outtakes from the Spider-Man broadway show were better than this

Julie Taymor is feverishly taking notes.

So we’re doing our landscape-ratio video viewing in a big-ass black portrait-ratio void now, huh Instagram? Because obvs we’re all a-ok with the video controls disappearing offscreen when trying to make out the actual video?

Luckily it was extremely lame.

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