Disquieting footage of distant howling

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It’s a juvenile Krayt Dragon*. They’re not really native to wooded areas, but their range has been increasing because of global warming.


* Or some old coot pretending to be one. The woods can be hazardous, especially if a pack of lumbersexuals from a nearby Big City come out to commune with nature. Krayt Dragons are pretty much the only thing that lumbersexuals are afraid of. *

Edited before someone tells me that they are also afraid of flannel shortages — everyone knows that — but yelling “Duluth Trading Co. is going out of business!” doesn’t carry well in the deep woods, likewise with “We’d love to offer you this position, but you’ll have to shave your beard!” Even the shriek of a Krayt Dragon is only partially effective; lumbersexuals startle easily, but they’ll soon be back, and in greater numbers.


I’m not getting mixed up with any Wendigos.



I listened. I’d describe it as a BELLOW. Deer and Elk and Moose do that while rutting. I’d like to think it was paranormal - but I’m going with large horned mammal. That or a sasquatch, but it seems too far east for the sasquatch.


An immense rack of rubber ducks, crying out in torment.


Had it been me in those woods? Quietly and calmly walk at a brisk pace back to the Jeep, get in and drive straight home. Enter the house, lock all the doors, turn on every light in the house. Build an impregnable pillow fort on the bed. Crawl in, and firmly pull the blankets up over my head and vow to never again leave the comfort and safety of civilization.


Cool Story, Bro time: Twice a year my buddies and I get together for a “boys weekend” (lots of bad decisions about food and drink around a marathon D&D session) at a remote location. Friday night features a bon fire. One evening it was getting very late, everyone was bedding down when I noticed one of the friends was still sitting by the fire. I go out to check on him and he is fast asleep. The weather was fair so I thought about just leaving him there when I hear coyotes howling off in the distance. I nudge my friend, ‘time to head in.’ He wakes anough to reply ‘No, I’m good right here.’ Then more howling. His eyes open wide and a minute later we where inside.


It sounds like the mating call of a bigfoot researcher. After attracting a sasquatch or “skunk ape” with the use of a synthetic mating call played through a portable PA system and while smelling of knock-off Axe body spray, ignorance and desperation as they hope to film their erotic trans-species relations without the other parties consent. Or perhaps they would just shoot the first thing that breaks a twig while investigating the noise.

Part of me would love to investigate a sound like this. I really would want to know what is making the noise. Is it sound for a movie? Is this some sort of irritating prank? Has some sort of technology broken and made this weird noise? Is there a seance going on where people are trying to talk to the spirit of Art Bell with these noises as a hook to attract the remnants of the dead from the afterlife? “Hello caller, caller you have evidence of a living Gigantopithecus? Caller- turn off your radio!” I really would want to find out what the noise is, but most of me would want to stay away because the horrifying thing on this planet are other people.

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You’re walking in the woods
There’s no one around and your phone is dead
Out of the corner of your eye you spot him:
Shia LaBeouf.


That Annihilation bear creeped me out. It’s been a while since a movie distrubed my sleep. Annihilation did it.


The mystery, silence and echoing make it creepy but, without that, it sounds like the baying of some hunter’s run-of-the-mill hound dog. Why it’s baying and no one is telling it to shut up might be of concern.

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came across something like this recently…


I occasionally hear coyotes from the front door at night. (It’s suburban but shifts to rural within a mile.) From the direction, they’re in the suburban. I’d be curious to see where they’re located, but not enough to disturb a bunch of coyotes at night.




I’ve been told that in Europe they call him Bigmeter.


Sounds like a large cat or two yowling in a large culvert or storm drain.

(reads daniel_maloy’s reply, re-enforces pillow fort)

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Lol is anyone else seeing a really grisly mousetrap ad under this post?

I’m guessing it was those mice

I love how the kid was trying to communicate with the bigfoot.