DIY Halloween: Baby Jackhammer Jill



Step 1) Have a baby

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OOOOOOO, BABY!!! Congrats! She’s so adorable! Hope you are all feeling well! Rest up as much as you can!

Edited to add that Althea is a great name…

She’s adorable! Congratulations!

Also, where did you find such tiny overalls?!

Mazel tov, Maggie! She’s so gorgeous!!!

There are overalls in all the baby clothing stores… my daughter had tons when she was a baby.

DIY costume AND wearer!


Weeeee!!! Congratulations, and welcome to the club!

You first wrote about your pregnancy when my wife was pregnant with out first – our daughter is now four months old. It’s great to see your baby Jackhammer Jill!

I thought that looked like a very young baby… Yay… congratulations. Great costume. Cute baby.
(the first thing my wife said when she looked at our first baby… 'she’s not ugly at all")

Congratulations! Althea is lovely, and very well dressed.

Have you gotten a library card yet? It’s even more critical than the Social Security card. We got it taken care of at two days.

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There’s actually one step before that, but there are already plenty of how-to videos on the internet for that part.

Congratulations, Koerth-Baker Bunch!


Congratulations! :beers:

My advice is that you start singing the alphabet song immediately and often,

Just in case, you know, you didn’t have enough unsolicited parenting advice yet. :blush:

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Congrats! That is a very wee and lovely young’un and an awesome costume. We’re expecting our first in five weeks or so, and one infinitesimal regret is that she will be too big for truly tiny-baby costumes on her first Halloween.


Admit it though. . . you came up with the costume first, and then had the baby so you’d have something to put it on. . .

So happy for the Koerth-Bakers!!!


Thank you all!

The overalls were from Target and were actually horribly oversized for her. But they worked for comic photograph purposes. Most of the time (“time” again being four days, so who really knows) she just prefers to hang out in nothing but a diaper. At some point, we’ll habituate her to clothing. But I suspect costumes like this aren’t helping.


Uh, oh… you got a naked kid on your hands… Just wait till little Althea is like 3, naked in the yard, covered in mud. :wink: Good times!!!

You have to be careful with internet how-to videos. A surprising amount of them are incredibly wrong in demonstrating the placement of the male genetic material.


YMMV, but check on when your local library will let your child get a card. We had to stop parents signing up their toddler or infant children when the parents would run up major fees on their cards, then switch to their childrens’ cards; wash, rinse, repeat.

Now that I’ve been a bummer, congratulations, and very cute child and costume!

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