Do deer antlers hold the key to regrowing limbs?

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It’s been tried.


Reptiles and deer are in the same phylum, ‘class’ is what you wanted.


Still seems like there may be a risk of unintended complications.

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Of course antlers fall off and regrow every year… so hopefully what ever technology we develop based on this, doesn’t have the new limb fall off and regrow every year.


Ok but sometimes, in special cases, there are deer who keep their racks all season:

(I have seen deer here in Central Texas that do this–racks all summer long. Probably another sign of The End Times.)

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Plus all the guys who have this procedure done will start fighting each other as soon as their limbs reach maturity!

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OH, and they would grow a little larger every year. Some old guy who lost his arm a long time ago would have this huge Hulk arm.


You, um, got a source on that? Non-scientists said that about sharks for decades and it was never true. A lot of pseudoscientific medical claims start with stories like that.

Edit: I did some looking around, and the claims above are widely repeated in pop-science places. However the actual research from primary sources is pretty thin. A few surveys of cancer rates from zoos, some non-peer-reviewed stuff out of China (a country with a pretty sketchy reputation right now in the international science community) and not much else. I’d say we’d better say the jury is still out in this set of claims about deer.


I never knew JK Simmons had a thresher accident but it explains all those “we are farmers” commercials.


Mainly I just want a set of antlers.

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