Watch as a Ranger separates two horn-locked bucks

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I think we need the same technique to dislodge pandemic relief locked between Trump & McConnell.

Be careful - don’t miss!


Just offscreen–the pack of coyotes all super-pissed they aren’t going to have 400lbs of venison for dinner.


I have waay more respect for deer.


(be careful)

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Another link with some additional detail.


Assuming they would hold still long enough, he was close enough he should have been able to make that shot - and he did! Good job!

The scary part is them jumping up again.

I’ve seen few other similar videos where hunters or farmers remove a deer from the tangled antlers of a dead deer.

For anyone worried about the deer suffering a permanent loss of an antler, while it may be a detriment this mating season, they shed their antlers every year and will regrow them.


However he will carry the shame of that unsuccessful mating season for the rest of his life. Sadly, there generally aren’t many quirky does that find non-conformity a positive trait.


Hopefully there’s counseling available for him?


I sometimes wonder if such moves serve the anxiety or impatience of the human the most. This sort of scenario has played out countless times when humans aren’t around, not to mention long before we came into their space.

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Moose left this in the backyard when the dogs scared him and he tried to jump through a too narrow gap between trees


I found a deer shed in the neighbors yard. It was there all winter and gnawed on by rodents.

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True. And a lot of times it ends up win the death of one or both deer.

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important source of calcium for forest floor dwellers :slight_smile:

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So he was using. . . buckshot then?


someone has to be that guy, might as well be me; it was a slug :slight_smile: don’t know if people even hunt with buckshot here in Alberta, have a feeling it’s illegal

I assumed as much, but I can’t resist a good (or bad) pun.

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The only thing in the post was the fact he used a slug.


Ah, I know…I meant I didn’t want to be “the gun nut” that has to correct everybody :slight_smile: I’m not a gun nut, just grew up in an area where they were a common tool …


Hey, this will help balance out some of the “lost” fawns which are stolen from their does and taken to wildlife care centers by well meaning but ignorant people…

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