Doctor *&#%@! Who


I have mixed feelings here. I am glad it’s an older actor… I really did hope it would be an actor of African or South East Asian extraction…

My theory, overall, is that Mofatt is trying to get rid of some of the Davies era tropes and bring it back to some the the ideas of the classic series. Like he wans to stop trying to make the Doctor a christ-like figure and make him more like an alien with an amazing space ship.


I love Capaldi, going back as far as Lair of the White Worm. This might get me watching again, haven’t been a regular viewer since McCoy (Peter Davison was my Doctor), although I liked what I saw of Tennant.

I haven’t seen World War Z, but apparently Capaldi played a WHO doctor.


i thought that Eccelston was great and didn’t get nearly enough time to flesh out his version of the Doctor… I liked Tennant, but I really liked Smith more. But like I said, Ithink Mofatt has taken a “getting back to basics” approach to the show. He makes a ridiculous number of references back to the classic series. The Gaiman episode had Cybermen who were very much like classic 60s cybermen, in voice, action, and even the face design. Since the first Smith episode, there have been tons of clips to the classic, usually in some flashback with the previous doctors.

Capaldi was also in a Who episode, the Fires of Pompeii. And in Torchwood: Children of Earth, which I had forgotten about.


A WHO doctor in Cardiff


Being a little tired of young, dishy Doctors, I’m rather pleased to have an older, potentially somewhat menacing one, instead.

I hope he gives people withering looks from underneath his eyebrows a lot. It’s no dropping the F bomb every other word, but it’ll do.


The Doctor also got “older” when Colin Baker took over from Peter Davison (who’s only 7 years older than Capaldi).


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They should shoot two versions of each scene, with and without fucks.


Back when I was a teenager and watching Doctor Who my friends and I thought it was funny that with each regeneration the Doctor was getting progressively younger. My friend who saw The Caves of Androzani before I did told me Colin Baker was even younger than Peter Davison. Baker does have kind of a boyish face, so I can understand how he made that mistake.

I don’t want to knock Peter Davison–he was the Doctor who got me hooked on the show, after all, and I think he was marvelous–but even then I thought his casting was pandering to younger viewers. I was glad to see the Doctor get older. And that history seems to have repeated itself with Smith and Capaldi.


That youthful market of All Creatures Great and Small fans? :wink:

Things I learnt today - Davison and his wife composed and performed the theme tune to Button Moon.


The doctor Confronts one of his oldest enemies:


“FUCK OFF! You look like a heroin addicted fucking pedal bin that somone’s fucking stabbed with a shitty plunger! Go wheel yourself into the fucking corner and ponder how shitty your fucking life must be if you were defeated multiple times by a small set of stairs, you giant pineapple-tin cunt. I’m not having with you.”


Also, I’m already composing crossovers between this new Doctor and Mayor Emanuel. Maybe the Doctor can save him from the fucking Time Vortex.


Holy bejezus! It’s magic!


He was also in World War Z credited as… “W.H.O. Doctor”


He was great in Mighty Boosh, too. He doesn’t strike me as a Doctor, though. He’d be a great one off character, like the time that Mitchell and Webb showed up in that one crazy episode, what was it, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship?


I’m looking forward to seeing Craig Ferguson’s reaction to the news about his old bandmate.


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Where’s my fucking Viagra? I’m 958 years old! How do you expect me to bang my 23 year old companion without a little help?


I think until Smith, that Davison was the youngest Doctor. He was 27 when he got picked and 28 when his first series came out. I think Smith was 26 and 27. So, there was kind of this weird, first the Doctor got younger until Davison, then he got older, until Eccelstone, until he got to Smith and now he’s jumped to older… I think Capaldi is the same age Hartnell was when he started playing the role (55).

Also, here is an interesting theory about why they have picked the actors they have picked:

It’s just a theory, but interesting none the less…


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