Documentary about Terry Gilliam's Brazil

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The “making of” video for 12 Monkeys is also worth watching.

One of my very favorite movies! After college, I returned to NYC to visit friends, and we happened to catch the premiere show!

I can’t watch at work - does the doc mention there are several different endings?


Looks like “The Battle for Brazil” (1996) made it to Youtube as well, discussing the heroic struggle involved in bringing the film to screen:

Also available in book form.


Do any of the endings make sense? When I watched brazil, I was so flummoxed I rewatched it again immediately becaus I was convinced I’d missed something.

Having only seen one ending, I feel like it made sense. What happened in the one you saw? In mine, The government goons captured our hero and he’s having a dissociative fantasy while they torture him.

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Absolutely. There’s a TV ending (I think) where Tuttle and the ninja plumbers show up and rescue Sam, and they all live happily ever after. There’s also the real ending, where that turns out to be Sam’s fantasy and he’s lost his mind. I seem to recall there’s a third version also.

I don’t think he actually gets tortured, I think the mere threat broke him - also the horror of the torturer’s identity.

Yep, that’s the one I saw.

Excellent FAQ concerning this excellent [provided you skip the Sheinberg edit] film:

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