Rio's cursed soccer stadium


It would be really awesome to read about Rio’s cursed soccer stadium, instead of the links taking me right here to the comments.


It’s a fantastic piece. I can’t really call it an article, or a movie, or an animation; it’s kind of all of those. Brilliantly done.

Reading about the grand expectations, the tragedy, the misery, the heart attacks and recriminations, I couldn’t help but think: “Imagine if all this passion had been poured into something that actually mattered.”

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the animation thingy linked in the article just seems to give up half-way through. all i get is sound and a black screen. it happens just as the story heads to the stadium - i can hear the fans cheering and then disappointed grumbling but no picture. it remains that way for the rest of the piece - sound but no picture. am i doing something wrong or missing something here?

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