Documentary tracks down JFK's "Silly Bastard"


[Spoiler Alert]

They “silly bastard” was an Air Force second lieutenant in charge of media relations who was asked to add a human touch to the picture:<b>’s.’silly.bastard’.(Listen)<b>

He’s a reporter now.

I like how General Grovel (or whoever it was) begins to say that it’s a mistake, leading Kennedy into the easiest statement to make, “…well, this is obviously a fuck-up.”
If it weren’t for @jandrese’s on-the-spot link, I’d have expected the shit to roll downhill in this case.

What the hell did they let the reporters in there for?

Don’t know about any ancient scandals, but Silly Bastard Next To The Bed would be a killer punk band.

Actually - he’s a bad reporter because he’s also, to use the polite term, stretching the truth. That reporter from KSFR was The Silly Bastard’s assistant. I’ve called him out on it and he’s never replied - other than to upload that news clipping.

I confirmed it Mr. Silly himself. There IS a picture of the KSFR reporter standing next to some hospital equipment, but it’s not from the Washington Post and it’s not the picture JFK was referring to.

Hard to believe there was someone who wasn’t a Silly Bastard trying to pass himself off as one, but it’s a strange world.

Watch this video for more about the Second Silly Bastard.

Iglorious Silly Basterds

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