Dog facebutts stationary truck


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“Dog facebutts stationary truck” and “the dog is fine” seem incongruent to me. I’m not sure the dog was ever fine.


That there is a metaphor for arguing on the internet.


“When I grow up I will be a rhinoceros”


Reminds me of our neighbour’s dog.

It rarely checks to see if their back door is open or closed, we regularly hear the loud thump of it bouncing off the door.

Friendliest Doggo ever, just with the skull (and apparent intelligence of) a rock :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, but how’s the truck?
I’m guessing that this is not the first time.


Some dogs are very focused on their goal.
So focused that they injure themselves.
A lesson to us all.


Glad the vet got to check him over.


That appears to be an extraordinarily stupid dog.


Boxers tend to be quite smart, perhaps too smart.


Thirty seconds after walking into my new house for the first time, my old dog joyously ran to the sliding door leading to the balcony/deck, and PRONGGGEED! right into the screen. She was incredibly leery about using that door for weeks, thinking she’d once again encounter the mysterious force-field blocking her way.

The screen was unharmed.




I did that once with a screen door; iIn my defense it was night.


In the dog’s defense, it was probably running with its eyes and focus on the frisbee.


I had a kitten who did the very same thing. When a bird landed on the bird feeder, he would run, full-tilt, through three rooms to smash his little face against the glass. Day after day, he just never learned how glass works.


Heh, I never saw the frisbee, I wondered what motivated the dog.


Boxer dog does not care about flimsy truck.


2016 in a nutshell.


That is why I have a big “X” in painters tape on mine at human and doggo eye levels.


Well, yeah - it’s a boxer.


Boxers started out with snouts as long as a whippet’s. But then came the truck incidents.