Dog finally convinced to howl


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My son just said, “Awww, I want to give that dog cuddles right now, wrap myself around him and cuddle, cuddle cuddle.”

And yes, the dog sounds like a dial-up modem.


Now if they could only teach it to say “You’ve got mail!”


Been trying to get either of my bassetts to bay or howl. No such luck. My male is 70lbs and I suspect he has a nice one just waiting to get out.


I think that’s a Britney.

My old dog would howl along with you. My kids new dog isn’t much of a howler.


My German shepherd walked into the room and tilted her head when she heard that.

It was actually a Boing Boing video that got Ivory to howl for the first time:



I think ancient Internet lore says the most efficient way to get dogs to howl is by playing the oboe-led opening credits to Law & Order.


My dog only says “You’ve got mailman!” And there’s a lot more barking.


We’ve tried all kinds of videos to get Chaplin to howl. I think he just doesn’t do it. But, since we got the new TV, the refresh rate or the picture quality is good enough that he can actually process the images. We’ve been putting on “TV for Dogs” when we go out and he now understands the word “TV”. Ever see a chihuahua mix try to herd sheep in a video?
His favorite, though, are these dogs. They don’t bark, they just wander around and nap to piano music.

Yeah, I filmed it vertically. I was in a hurry. Sue me.


I love vertical video!



That there is a most excellent howl.


Dog! Dog! Dog! Dog!


Yes, I believe that is a 56k baud screecher spaniel.


Our last dog, who most of her life had a pretty clear howl (when she wasn’t impersonating police and fire sirens, which she could do with uncanny precision), started to sound like the dog in the video. We thought it was just age, but when it go really bad we had the vet examine her, they found malignant tumors in her throat. If the howling gets raspier or shorter, the owners of this dog should take it to the vet.


Having had Bassets and Beagles my entire life, I know of two reliable methods to get them to howl: 1.) find them a bear to chase (more a beagle thing than a basset thing, but I did have a basset track a moose once. We turned around when I could smell him, which was cutting it a little close :slightly_smiling_face: ) , or 2.) lead them in song.


She also howls at ambulance sirens. I encouraged her when one passed by the other day. A guy down the block overheard us and seemed to approve.



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