Dog lost on South Carolina highway found 600 miles away in Miami

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Uh, dogs have thumbs now?


After reading Tim Whitfield’s thank you note, I wonder: Why did god let Belle escape in the first place??


Umm - did I read it wrong?

Dog lost in Charleston.

Belle escaped from the moving car near Charleston

people near Charleston in car find dog while on their way to Miami.

a car of Florida residents grabbed Belle out of traffic after spotting the animal while traveling through Charleston

So dog NOT “found” 600 miles away in Miami! Dog found a few miles away from where it was lost and driven 600 miles.

Way to misrepresent the story.

And why wouldn’t you stop and hand dog in to local authorities if you’ve gone to the trouble to rescue it from traffic. Why would you drive it 600 miles home to Miami?


home to Miami

Think you might have answered yourself.


Incredible Journey II: Spring Break


Shouldn’t their post have read “Thank Dog”? God’s not doing so shit hot with humans according to the recent COVID-19 infection and death rates.

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They were totally helping.

I’d probably take the dog home and worry about it then. Why spend what could be 10 hours dealing with how to turn a dog over to authorities during a pandemic? And who knows if it would end up in a kill shelter anyway. And it might have been a weekend, or 10pm, or both.

I’d take it home and use God’s natural marvel, the Internets, to help Jesus re-connect me with the owners. They did the right thing.


Is God a Florida resident? All glory to Florida man.

You saying ‘home to Miami’ means it’s a Florida Man thing? I doubt it somehow.

And @temp and @KingGhidorah

So the consensus seems to be this was fine and dandy. Drive 10-12 hours or so with a strange dog you just found on the highway, having to feed and water it en route and with all the consequences for the owner in having to retrieve the pet from 600 miles away if the owner was traced?

Why would it take 10 hours (with the help of God’s natural marvel, the Internets) to help Jesus connect them with the nearest animal sanctuary or dog pound to where they were, drive up, explain the situation and leave the dog. Nobody could detain them for doing that and they’d be on their way pretty pronto with minimum disruption to their journey and less hassle re being responsible for finding the owner and returning the dog and less hassle for the owner in recovering it.

The dog was microchipped, as reported, so the whole tracing ‘via social media posts’ thing was unnecessary. The nearest veterinary clinic, animal sanctuary or dog pound would have been able to read the chip and sort the whole thing out toute suite. Though, let’s be honest, the dog should have had a collar with a tab with the owner’s contact details on.

So, sorry, I disagree with the whole ‘they did the right thing’ thing. I’m not saying they are bad - hey, they rescued the dog, so kudos - but the decision-making that followed was pretty off, if you ask me.


Yes, yes, yes! Happy fun news. We need more stories like this nowadays!

dude, maybe they were all high except the driver and didn’t want to deal with any authorities. Maybe the local animal shelter (like mine here) is closed. Maybe they were African American and didn’t want to deal with the police? Maybe they were white and didn’t want to deal with the police. Maybe their phones were dead and they couldn’t get GPS or maybe they had Garmin and Garmin got hacked and didn’t work for finding anything nearby where they could drop off a dog. Maybe someone in the car had a relative dying of Covid-19 and they wanted to see them as fast as possible. Maybe they hated night driving and if they wanted to get home before dark they had to go right now. Maybe they had their own dog at someone’s house being looked after and they wanted to get home fast to retrieve their own dog before it would be too late in terms of dog-retrieval etiquette. Maybe there was something on HBO they really wanted to see at a certain hour. Maybe they thought the dog was cute and wanted to spend time with it. Maybe they were thinking of keeping the dog because finders keepers. Maybe they were thinking about eating the dog. Maybe they were thinking of sacrificing the dog in a bizarre ritual. Maybe they were late for their satanic cult meeting and had to hurry lest the Great Overseer smite them for tardiness. The list of possibilities is endless.

How about this one?

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Maybe they were aliens from from a planet in a barred spiral galaxy on the Cepheus-Draco and didn’t realise dogs weren’t foodstuff until they checked with the Big Giant Head, and didn’t realise the animal would have an ‘owner’ until they got back to their temporarily disabled spacecraft in Miami and looked up human behaviours in this respect in their galactic encyclopedia. So many other possibilities, including many, many more practical ones I can’t be arsed to list that would have enabled them, in any of those you outline, to have dealt with it better, dude.

ETA also, journalism these days ain’t what it used to be. A proper journalist might have asked them why they took a dog 600 miles and then we wouldn’t have all the ‘maybes’

Funny story: we had a groundhog living under our shed when we first moved into our new house. Used a have-a-heart trap to snag it, then drove it ~10 miles away and set it free in a nature preserve.

Guess who found their way home?

Took it farther afield next time and hasn’t been back…yet.

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