Dog steps on rifle, firing it and inadvertantly killing owner

2001 space odyssey trivia: The scene where the ‘ape’ tossed the bone into the air: The bone rises upward only to be replaced with an orbiting **nuclear bomb delivery satellite.

** a detail not made obvious to viewers

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Stop hounding him to death. There’s been enough of that already today.


Something that @jimbydude cannine deny.

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i’d love to have a license to not get shot.

like, dear america: shouldn’t my “freedom to live” outweigh the individual right to carry weapons of mass destruction? but apparently not.

and i am not very well satisfied with the idea that maybe law enforcement might catch the person who kills me after i’m dead. i’ll be dead. i can guarantee i won’t care

if only the framers had put the right not to be murdered in the constitution sigh

( snark not directed at you, to be clear )



What jumps out at me:

  • Out of the 10 incidents, 4 were in Florida.
  • Out of the 4 incidents in Florida, 1 was hunting-related.

In other words: In the state with the most dog-shoots-person incidents, in 75% of cases the gun was not out for hunting. I feel like there’s a story there that I don’t know.

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46 replies and no “thoughts and prayers” yet?

Let everyone know you did absolutely nothing by saying the least amount of words!


You know what they say; Only a goo’boy with a gun…


Or a rock song. “Dirty Dogs, DONE DIRT CHEAP!”.


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