Dog thinks it's an ambulance

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The Golden was adorbs but pet shaming: “Did you do this?” over and over has got to end. Edit: the shamed dogs were on a youtube video “funniest dog videos” or whatever in the line up after the really funny one.

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We used to do this with our dog Ashley all the time. She was really good at it, and she’d get all of us to start yowling along.

Curiously, just after watching this video, I went to my workshop, smelled smoke, found a fire in the alley, called 911, and got to yowl to the fire truck sirens.


Super cute! My sister-in-law’s dog also sings along to the garbage truck song in Taiwan.


Is there a particular reason for the garbage trucks to play music? Is it like a “last chance bring out your trash!” thing? Or is it more like, an attempt to cover up the sound of the hydraulics and the engine with something louder and more piercing? Or is it just one of those fun things that makes Taiwan unique?

It’s a clever method of drawing children with pocket change. /s

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In Taipei they don’t use curbside cans for what I imagine are sanitation and space-saving reasons. Instead, there are a fleet of micro garbage trucks that roam the city, stopping on each block about twice daily. The music has be loud enough so it’ll be heard from the high floors of apartment buildings, I guess.

Also, the garbage trucks only accept trash bags sold by the city government instead of a monthly bill.


Interesting. Thanks for the edification.

Why is there a garbage truck song?

That was a ruff imitation of a siren.

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