Donald Trump accuses President Biden of being "higher than a kite," suggesting cocaine (video)

Trump then says he wants Biden to be drug tested before any debates

Okay. Then let’s test both President Biden and Donald Trump before the debates. In fact, let’s have three separate labs test them; one of President Biden’s choice, one of Donald Trump’s choice, and one independently chosen one.

And since Trump is choosing to have them both be drug tested before the debate, let’s also have them both be tested for their mental acuity by independent testers and the video of those tests shared with the voting public. If Trump thinks he’s mentally competent he shouldn’t have anything to fear preventing him from showing it to the public.


Hmmm… I doubt there is going to be any debates this cycle, though.




We’re going to have a shortage of lightbulb soon because Tromp and toadies running full projection but refusing LED 'cause it’s environmental friendly. I would buy stock in lightbulb companies. /S

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Canadian content for the win!


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