Donald Trump hires plainclothes security to investigate and interdict protesters


I might just as well have said his WTF days, except that those are still happening.


Yep, yep, and yep. It’s just a shame and really scary that so many people seem enamored of him in a serious way…


360-degree video from the rally, courtesy of the Chicago Tribune:

Looks pretty crazy, and would have been more so if he had shown up.


Complete with little silver skulls and stuff to show they mean business.


Totally agree. mb said it wrong… I just couldn’t say that it has been entirely violence free on the decent human being side of things. This AM I saw some Drumpf maniac yelling and spitting on some guy, mb shoving him in the back, who then turns around and takes a swing/swipe at the Drumpfler Youth. Just walk away with the cameras rolling and your dignity intact, then bury these psychos with the truth. We need a democratic Senate and some roll-back in the state houses. Do not stoop to their level. Please folks.

I also very much think we should not be throwing things at Herr Drumpf. His whole ‘these protestors are getting away with murder’ schtick is going to get someone killed. Please just don’t swing first, all I’m saying. There need not be any martyrs to defeat Herr Drumpf. Stay classy America, or at least give it your best shot. oops wrong metaphor…


with lots of gaudy gold crap on the lapels.


Yes, given how nasty things are getting at these events, I think I’ve changed my mind about this tactic. I used to think it would be a good idea to throw something relatively harmless like rotten tomatoes at Trump, but now I think such actions would only fan the flames of violence by his supporters.


At some point, when people are hitting, spitting, and yelling at you, you’re going to react. That’s call being human. I don’t think that defending yourself is stooping to their level. It’s self-defense.

Non-violent protest is a serious test of the human will. The people who did it in the civil rights movement got serious training to be able to do so and not all people during the classical movement employed these tactics, either. It isn’t just not reacting. it’s literally suppressing all your normal, human instincts to defend yourself against a physical attack. People died doing it. I don’t think that condemning people who defend themselves against the an attack is the same as Drumpf supporters attacking protesters, by any stretch of the imagination. Not that you were necessarily equating the two, but at some point, something has got to break here.


Gold skulls, please.


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You’ve got my vote!


thx Mindy, definitely not equating or excusing Herr Drumpfler’s supporters being so violent. Just trying to not give them an excuse. We are really on the same side I hope and if our views on acceptable levels of physical defense/engagement differ I’m glad we can have a reasonable conversation about it. I think Drumpf is a terrible candidate and would make the W years look like a swell golden age (can’t. believe. I. wrote. that. ugh!)

Have you all seen Obama’s recent comments on Drumpf? Nicely played sir, how is the Supreme Court trolling going? keep up the good work!


Yeah, I know. I do get that. I’m not trying to call you out, but honestly, I think people are too quick to point at protesters “need” to act civilized, when there is a long and violent history the people they are protesting actively not doing that. Again, it’s clear you know this, but I just want to point out that the protesters are the ones getting attacked here, no the Drumpf crowd.


In today’s episode of And Now You Know! in jolly olde England a ‘trump’ is a fart.


Does Kim Jong Un really build Condominiums for Arab buyers?


I’ve been reminded of the Abalone Alliance’s old “rules for protest” lately:

  1. Our attitude will be one of openness, friendliness, and respect towards all people we encounter.
  2. We will use no violence, verbal or physical, toward any person.
  3. We will not damage any property.
  4. We will not bring or use any drugs or alcohol other than for medical purposes.
  5. We will not run.
  6. We will carry no weapons.

Rule #5 is particularly important. Doing peaceful protest in a serious way requires a helluva lot of courage.

Are you willing to calmly stand there with your hands by your side while the billy clubs crack your skull? That’s the only way to get the headline to read “peaceful protesters assaulted at march”. If you so much as raise your hands in defence, it’s instead going to be “violence erupts at chaotic protest”.

OTOH, peaceful protest is unfortunately not universally effective. In particular, it only works when the target is in some way vulnerable to public embarassment. Gandhi’s peaceful revolution, for example, was critically dependent on the British press and public opinion. If he’d tried it in a late 1930’s German colony, he’d likely have just been shot the second after he raised his protest [1].

Peaceful protest is the best option…when it has a chance of succeeding.

[1] Yeah, the Brits committed their share of massacres during the Indian independence struggle. But nowhere near as much as they would have if the press hadn’t been watching, and they didn’t just execute Gandhi and the other Indian leadership as they might have.


I disagree a little bit with #5. I was at the Trump protest last night at UIC Pavilion, and there was a moment when a bunch of police started running to an area where there was a group of protesters in a street intersection. I broke out into a bit of a run to get over there quicker, as did a handful of other protesters.

I can see that the problem with running is that it might contribute to a sense of disorder or even panic, and cause a peaceful protest to potentially turn violent. But, the reason police were running over there was they needed manpower to employ aggressive tactics against the protesters in that area (shoving people out of where they didn’t want them to be). Running, in itself, is not violent, so I think I’ll reserve the right to do so. However, when I get where I’m going I will try to be calm and follow all of those other rules, which are good ones.


It’s so interesting watching a country collapse in slow motion.