Donald Trump in "Gaslight": Trapped in a House with a Psychopath


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH you are trapped in a house with Donald Trump, who is either a charming master manipulator using subtle trickery to make you doubt your own reality, or a shouty liar.



If only his Gaslighting was extremely flammable.

And people smoked near him.

And lighting struck the ground next to him

And a giant magnifying glass was over his head on a very sunny day


Brain death from inhaling all that gas could really explain a lot about him.


I’m so weary. My optimism for the future peaked and then was swiftly crushed November 8, 2016. And every day since.


This one’s funny.



We need a new word - “Trumplighting?” It’s when you drive people crazy by denying obvious realities and replacing them with your own, equally obvious, lies.

It’s amazing how each week (if not day) manages to bring things down even lower. I shudder at the thought of what will happen if the Republicans take congress in the midterms. If that happens, we ain’t seen nothing yet. I’ve been dabbling with nihilism to stay sane.


Trump lies so much he can’t remember his last lie and doesn’t even try, he raises numbers every single time he opens his mouth - watch “40,000 jobs” become “over a million jobs” over a series of interviews




Whatever he calls it, it’s working for him.


My wife does that (heh, heh).


one of the best cartoons thus far…


That list is missing a couple:

  • Still no wall
  • Hilary Clinton isn’t locked up

I’m not sure if anyone is “tiered of winning” yet though.


I heard that Joe Biden removed the bulbs from the Oval Office as a last-day prank but Trump was happy to continue with the gaslighting.


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