Donald Trump, Jr is a patent-troll and his biggest client now does business with the US government


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Christ, what an…

Oh, fuck it. That sentence was already redundant when the article mentioned “Donald Trump [jr]”…


tRumps keep breaking through the bottom of the barrel with no end in sight.


Then, as the noose started to tighten around patent trolls, Junior penned appended his name to an editorial…
Fixed that for you…


So, not exactly following in his father’s footsteps, but striking out in a new direction. Still, I see for him a bright future in politics.


Patent troll.
High-priced real estate agent.

It’s about the same thing.


During the campaign we were told that Hillary Clinton was “the most corrupt candidate ever”, but of course Trump can’t stand to come in second to anyone, he has to be the best, the biggest, and of course the most corrupt.


Yes, of course he is.


Barrel bottoms, all the way down


Pretty much anything a conservative has said in the last 20 years is 100% projection.

We should be much more afraid than we are.


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