Donald Trump Jr.'s wife Vanessa filed for divorce


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And we should care because?


I pity the children born into that family soulless greed and social disorders. They may come into money but the price they are paying will be hard.


Totally agree. Not newsworthy.

Unless she slept with Trump Sr.


On its’ own? No.

If she has some dirt to share with Mueller, it could be, though.


I’d care more, in a “human interest” sense, if she hadn’t disqualified herself from that category by marrying him in the first place. I mean, she is presumably kina foul herself.


So you agree, it isn’t newsworthy (yet)?


Mueller’s Town Car was parked outside the courthouse.


Totally agree as well. Have we sunk so low that our ‘wonderful things’ site has sociopathic schadenfreude at someone’s divorce? The people hit hardest in a divorce are the kids, so laugh it up, hahaha :flushed: ?? And in the same post we’re hit with a ‘dumb and dumber’ and even a ‘retarded’? Reads more like a nasty gossip mag or some troll comment on YouTube


You’re right.

Let’s make sure Donald Jr. is afforded the same respect he would have shown Obama in the same situation.


I’m saying the only reason anybody even noticed is because of the connection to 45, and the hope that this divide helps to topple his reign of stupidity.

In the normal world where shit actually makes logical sense, nobody’s divorce should be “newsworthy.”

Unfortunately I still can’t pinpoint when and where exactly we left that world behind, but I keep my eyes open for any interdimensional rifts.


It’s getting almost impossible to tell these days.


Not sure about you, but Donald Trump Jr. is not the standard I try to hold myself to. Just sayin.


The race should be to the top not to the bottom. Just 'cause Jr. might be trash doesn’t mean the rest of us should aspire to the same.


What’s so trashy about celebrating Vanessa’s liberation from that horrible clan?


I saw a comment elsewhere speculating if this was a divorce for purposes of transferring and protecting assets. i.e. If Don jr thinks he’s about to be hammered and lose everything.

Would that even work?


She’s throwing away her chance at immunity from prosecution!


I see this as the next step in his inevitable ascension to the godfather role.


Still not newsworthy.

Unless he paid her $130,000.


You read Boing Boing. I’d like to think that you are a decent human being and already know the answer to that question.


This was my first thought (and the reason I think it is actually newsworthy).