Donald Trump Jr.'s wife Vanessa sent to hospital after she opened mail that contained white powder


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The ashes of democracy?


Authoritarian clampdown in 3… 2… 1…


Right? Fuck. This is not a grumpycat. I don’t want anyone to inhale anthrax, not even my mortal enemies.


Not cool. Especially since the FBI is not sure that they pinned the 9/11 Anthrax mailers on the right guy.


This is either the work of

  1. a complete moron,
  2. someone trying to create sympathy for the Trumps, or
  3. both.


Tip: Always mark your envelopes of ominous white powder as “personal and confidential” to prevent mistakes like this from happening.


I think the postal inspectors are the only wing of Government enforcement not currently black-masked, up-armored, and over-paid.


Say what you will about Donnie Kong Jr. and his wife, he has five little kids, the oldest of which is ten or eleven.


What a clickbait-y title


How should it have been worded in your expert opinion, then?

What would you have written?


“Donald Trump Jr.'s wife Vanessa Opens Envelope Containing White Powder, Powder Assessed To Not Be Dangerous”? The implication I got from the headline, which is near-identical on the BBC, was that she’d sniffed some anthrax or something else dangerous, so expect the whole country shut down for a few days.

…Okay, that was the implication after the obligatory mental cocaine joke happened.


I’d say category 2 is a sub-category of 1, there.

  1. Shipping standards for coke have gotten real loose.


I’m thinking an exception could be a malicious actor (such as a Russian agent) purposely sowing discord. Evil but not necessarily stupid.


What is it about white powder that sets off an alarm in people? Toxins and bio-agents can come in many different forms. Any terrorist with half a brain would disguise it as something else.


Probably the fact that the anthrax mail attacks of 2001 and subsequent copycat scares all involved white powder.

Why would they? Whether the powder is a real bioagent or not, causing terror is the whole point.


While the article clearly states that the envelope was addressed to Trump Jr.
Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal attorney, wastes no time in distorting the situation:

"How disturbed must a person be to do what they did to a mother of five children?’’ Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal attorney, said in a statement. “This dangerous and reckless act goes beyond political differences.”


Don’t send coke through the U.S. Postal Service. Have your dealer come to your house.


Did you see that little blip about how Donald Trump Jr. dropped Secret Service protection for a week, then resumed it? What a weird move. I wonder what he was up to.