Donald Trump Makes "Home Alone 2" Great Again


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it would have to have been great once before to be great again



that was great! not many more days before we can HOPEFULLY stop paying attention to Trump. I’m having Trump fatigue, I really don’t think I could survive 4 years of that buffoon in office.


Man, and Donald was checking out the kid’s ass, too. (Why else would he be standing there looking at the kid walk away like that?)


So presidential!


I don´t think anybody on this planet could.


What happened?
I don’t know who, but somebody just got blown away. Somebody beat us, they’re in there. Two of them. There was arguing. One blew the other one away.
I don’t know. I recognized one of their voices. I heard that name “Snakes” before.
Snakes? Snakes. Snakes. I don’t know no Snakes. Snakes.


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