Donald Trump plans unofficial "Ask Me Anything" event on Reddit


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This’ll be a fun trainwreck to watch!


Anyone want to start a betting pool on how long it takes before he has a temper tantrum and walks off?


Hey Mr. Trump. I gotta contract with some Indians, I mean, Native Americans to manage a casino on their lands. How do I extract the most value from this operation?


Trump can’t be commenting on the internet. Trump is an internet comment. It’s like he’ll be talking to himself.

Which is perfect, now that I think about it.


The most likely outcome.


All someone has to do is ask how long his fingers actually are.


So you can ask him anything, but he will presumably only answer the question, “How great is the Donald Trump presidency going to be?”


How will he measure the applause?


Nah, I bet he’ll have more than enough people set up as moderators to erase any question that isn’t “HOW GREAT WILL AMERICA BE UNDER YOUR RULE?” or “SHOULD WE MAKE THE WALL 10’ or 15’ TALL?” Anything hard, or tantrum-worthy on r/The_Donald would be immediately removed and the submitter banned.


Upvotes, duh.


Is there some way we can coordinate a campaign so that all the questions are along the lines of

  1. How do you live with yourself?
  2. No, seriously, how do you live with yourself?


Right after someone asks him “How does it feel to be Putin’s bitch?”


Goodness me, that’s going to end up nastier than 4chans /b/ board, on a bad day…


If you are talking about the nastiness that will be directed towards anyone who doesn’t appear to worship Trump I agree. The nasty people like Trump.





He’ll probably twist that into an opportunity to go after Elizabeth Warren.


Trump is a Youtube comment running for president.


What could possibly go wrong?