Is Donald Trump becoming forgetful?

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It’s a look that says “ah shit, I’m standing next to him and I endorsed him and the cameras are running and I DON’T KNOW WHAT HE’S GOING TO DO!!!”


“…but I really hope he makes me his bestie and vice presidential running mate!!!”


We must get Trump back to the lab to restabilize his memory and inject more orange dye.

(auto correct wanted to put in destabilize)

This will surely end the Trump candidacy!         hahaha I kid.

Hahahahaha! Someone just out-pathetic-ed Jeb(!):

A microphone captured Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump telling New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R-) to "go home" after they appeared at a campaign event for the real estate mogul on Saturday.   "Get in the plane and go home," Trump can be heard telling Christie. "You go home."   Christie said "OK."
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Republican AG material, no question!


“2015, February 26, later in the morning: Disavows Duke”

Did he time travel a year back?


“I know nothing about white supremacists.”

Seriously? If Trump has spent his entire life living in a cave with no television, Internet, telephone, newspaper, magazine, book, neighbours or anything else that woudl inform a person, then I might believe him.


I think the timeline became a little forgetful too.

my question is why Jake Tapper didn’t press him on this, is he really concerned that trump won’t come back for more cnn interviews? wouldn’t it be better to be the journalist who beat trump? i mean, this is basic interview prep, especially since this was the lead, David Duke, former grand wiznerd of kkk supports you, if Tapper somehow didn’t know of trump’s 2000 statements, no c’mon he does have a job as a journalist and access to flipping google right? think i’m gonna go troll Tapper on tweeter for a bit, y’all welcome to join me or help with trolling trump, i mean no one else is gonna do it at this point right?

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This is just me spitballing here but i think what he was trying to do during the interview was to (obviously) deflect the question while publicly keeping the support for these hate groups. He did reverse course and disvow support, but to the hate groups to them it might not seem like it.


All politicians become “forgetful” when it suits them…


So, why did that question at the press conference seem to piss him off?

Yes, and more importantly not with Jake Tapper. Look what Trump did to Fox News, and since CNN has spent the last two decades angling to be Fox News Lite, they can’t really say anything about it.

Here’s a good primer on why the Republican establishment (and their media wing, otherwise known as network news) cannot stand up to Trump:

The Hate Debt – Josh Marshall


He knows so many white supremacists; how an you expect him to remember every single one of them?


@Grey_Devil Well I wasn’t going to vote for Trump, but the time machine is a pretty compelling argument! :slight_smile:


As Judge Judy says: “If you always tell the truth, you don’t need a good memory.”

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Where have I heard that phrase before?


I think Trump thought it was a gotcha question, on the reasonable grounds that it was a gotcha question.

(If you don’t think it was a gotcha question, then imagine Fox News asking Bernie Sanders about being endorsed by some Marxist-Leninist organization. It’s guilt by association, and there’s enough wrong with Trump that these tactics ought to be entirely unnecessary.)

What I find interesting about this is how Trump hit his own thumb for a question he could easily have nailed. All he had to do was say, “I’m Donald Trump, I am a Big Fucking Deal, what do I care what the KKK thinks?” Or he could have just reached over and bitten the head off a live Chris Chi chicken, or he could have climbed the Empire State Building and swatted a few biplanes down, he could have done anything Trump and his poll numbers would go up, because that’s what his base wants him to do.

Freddie deBoer pointed out that all you need to do to get Trump to move is tell him someone he’s called a loser is for standing still. Trump tried to avoid disavowing the KKK, because he’d look like a follower, like he was doing something because the media told him to.


Replace cave with tower, and it’s probably an accurate assessment.

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