Donald Trump squirms out of a question he can't answer with MAGA-proof stock answer (video)

Flashbacks to when he had a replacement for Obamacare all ready to go, it was so easy! And then he unexpectedly became president, and he admitted he expected someone else to have the plan ready to go when he took office, and how was he to know it was so complicated?

Trump supporters, of course, never paid any attention at all to what he (didn’t) do when he was in office, so this shit still works on them.

The benefits of having low (as in zero) information voters. They still haven’t realized that he lies, never knows what he’s talking about, and never follows through on his promises.


“… I’ll tell you all about it in two weeks”


Even after all this, I still have trouble accepting that they actually believe this guy and aren’t just performatively pretending to be that stupid and gullible to own the libs. I simply can’t look at Trump and put myself in the shoes of someone seeing any positive qualities like honesty or intelligence, no matter how I try. He’s not a skilled liar, he’s not even capable of trying to be crafty or clever, yet somehow he has these people fooled and it makes no sense. He has charisma with them, but the charisma comes from nothing. He’s just a hollow, worthless, revolting void of a person, but that’s apparently the greatest thing they’ve ever seen.


Have I got this correct.

CO2 pipeline - bad. Keystone pipeline - good.


But… this is a MAGA-proof stock answer from Donald Trump?

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Here’s the thing - they’re not paying any attention to his lies or bloviation. They’re being heard. To directly quote Ravelry user Nator:

"He has validated and legitimized their racism, xenophobia, religious bigotry, antisemitism, sexism, homophobia, and their culture of white supremacy, and resentment, fear, and grievance of the Other. He communicated to them that they were right all along to blame other groups for everything wrong in the world and their lives.

They will remain loyal to him to their graves because of this alone."


Basically capturing CO2 from ethanol production and piping it to some area where it can be sequestered.

Half of the corn grown in Iowa is used for ethanol production, so it’s a big deal.

Whether it’s a good idea: it basically turns corn ethanol from dumping gasoline on the climate fire to just some oily rags. It’s technically better but it’s an ecological disaster either way.


It’s because you value honesty and intelligence. If you threw two nobel prize winners onstage to argue a very complex topic armed with every bit of verifiable and proven data, and a third person simply walked up and kicked the first two square in the balls, there is a certain kind of person who would legitimately think that third guy won the debate. Those are Trump voters.

And I’m not even kidding. The tough guy posturing is literally more important to them than any rational argument. This is base level monkey-who-screams-the-loudest throwing his own shit thinking, and I honestly don’t link liberals actually grasp that- There are no mental gymnastics over rationalizing, or bad faith arguments, or “real” motivations that we keep trying to project onto them- They really are just that fucking stupid.

A wall will stop illegal immigration. Government is a mess because of corrupt politicians. Bar fights settle disagreements. Every problem is literally that simple- one cause and one solution, no nuance, no deeper level or context or to anything. Moving beyond that requires a level of intellectual engagement that they simply aren’t fucking capable of. Even considering it wounds their pride because it implies they’ve been wrong about something.

Stupidity and pride. That’s it. Scratch the surface and all you’ll find is more surface.


And fear.

Stir vigorously and you get capital H hate.


they do know about the lies and empty promises because they think trump’s values align with theirs. they’ll put up with any abuse to get judges installed.


Yeah, but you’re proving yourself to be the better person (sorry for the really low bar on that test) simply by admitting you don’t know what this is. (I don’t either, so I’m not going to propose a solution for anything. This obviously makes me ineligible for political leadership.)

The bad part is that although I see so much proof of this, I still find myself trying to reject the idea simply because I have difficulty believing anyone could be that stupid, or rather an entire group could be – it feels entirely too much like an ad hominem fallacy attack on their position, but it really is coming down to that, isn’t it?


I’m related to a few Turnip supporters, and it’s both. My MAGAt uncle, for instance, likes to be an asshole, performatively and otherwise; he’s very much a real-world tr0ll. His (now ex-) wife is just a zero-information voter whose family was Republican, so she blindly votes for the party and just accepts at face value their claims. (E.g. that Turnip did all the things he promised/claimed, that Hunter Biden is somehow a major scandal, that being “woke” can’t possibly mean [actual definition], because all these people are talking about it as if it were so terrible…) She doesn’t even watch Fox (can’t get her tv working) - she just accepts vague, detail-free, second-hand summations of what’s going on (probably from people who are watching Fox) because otherwise she’d have to question her whole worldview.

Some (most?) of them realize he lies, but they’re convinced he’s not lying to them. He’s lying to “own the libs,” not to pull the wool over their eyes. Some really do accept what he’s saying. In a pinch they might say he’s exaggerating or joking.


Witness the difference between that and the lovely Mutants here: when a term came up that some people didn’t know, they either asked for information in order to understand, or else looked it up themselves. MAGAts don’t do that.


… and that’s the thing that Trump is really good at

That business where he stalked over to the wrong side of the stage when he was “debating” Clinton, that was shit monkey genius :poop:


You’d think someone campaigning for president in Iowa would have spent a few minutes looking up “shit people are worried about in Iowa.”


Before he was elected, someone on a radio show asked him about the nuclear triad, and he very clearly had no clue what that meant.


Just another farm subsidy from the folks who decry gubmint spending and “hand outs”


I only knew what it was all about because of one of those “NPR moments” in the car where I sat running my engine listening to a story I couldn’t turn off. So kind of a Noetic Ouroboros.


He is willing to hate whatever they hate. He doesn’t even have to know or understand what it is. It’s completely performative, but they seem to feel that is is at least paying some sort of attention to them.

I have found that some people are energized by being righteously indignant. They eat up Tucker Carlson and his like on Fox News. Personally, I just find that tiring.


Wait, how did you know about my campaign!?! We don’t announce for another two weeks!