Donald Trump totally did not write this letter to New York Magazine in 1992


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I guess his PR spokesman John Barron was busy that day.

Fun fact: when this letter was written by a totally real, truly the best, woman her boss was 46 years old.



Make America Gasp Again


Do we really need the gigantic “grab them by the pussy” hat image next to the actual letter? What was the rationale for including that? All it does is further propagate the shitty things he says.


“All women love Donald Trump?”

Stuff and nonsense, nonsense I say! All women love FABIO!

EDIT: OK, OK… I’ll see myself out.


Point of order! It is an established fact Ladies Love Cool James!


Never have I longed for an ‘extraterrestrial intervention’ as much as I do now.


And lolz @ ‘all the women love’ comments.

IMO, all women love… having agency; it’s a helluva commodity…


A date which will live in infamy.


Maybe John Miller dicktated the letter.
Sure sounds like his voice to me.
Yuge. The best. Bigly ratings.


Trump: If they loved me they wouldn’t be lying right?


Surely Fabio has been eclipsed by Jamie Fraser


Ha ha! The craptastic writing style is so similar that, if this had been a couple of decades later, it would have been tweeted with the hashtags #fakenews #sad


Always thought POTUS learnt much from Mojo Jojo


DT would definitely use bigger words than that, he has the biggest words.


Maybe the people who were convinced William Ayers ghost-wrote Obama’s book should take a look at this one. That whole theory about “similarity of the language” sure seems like a handy tool, dontchathink?


Reminds me of the never-ending suckfest of sycophant talking heads I see on DVD bonus sections. “The director’s a genius! Her acting was wonderful! This is the best fun I’ve ever had!”

Otherwise forget about working in Hollywood ever again.



Same style, but seems a bit more coherent than what he spouts these days, though.


The guy just can’t restrain himself even when it totally blows his cover.