Donald Trump's fierce drag makeover


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So. The message is that being associated with gender variance is negative?


No, the message is that Trump looks better in drag than with that fake suntan and horrible wig.


Yes. And calling Ann Coulter Mann Coulter or Tranny Annie is a complement to transsexuals. Silly me.

Cue up those Michelle Obama is a man jokes.


That’s different, she’s a Democrat.

Also, I believe the word glorious has lost all meaning. It’s like the.


Just so long as we still agree what “is” “is”.


I must have missed Trump’s negative remarks about transgender and gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. I’m not being sarcastic. I sincerely believe he’s said something to alienate LGBT people. For some reason I can’t seem to call it to mind at the moment.

Needless to say I’d rather focus on his actual remarks than what he’d look like if he got a halfway decent drag makeover.


I’d wish you guys would stop posting stuff about this clown.


Wow. The last frame made me realize that Udo Kier would be a near perfect casting for a biopic of him. Preferably something with the historical verisimilitude of Iron Sky.


I think that any negativity is just bleeding over from Trump’s who knows where. Anything associated with Trump picks up a bit of it. The obvious solution is to send him into deep vacuum.


Look up Jenna Talackova.


Where do you get that in the image or text? I think he looks glorious.


The same place where you find his gloriousity.


It’s a joke which uses humorous juxtaposition. Donald Trump is very different from a drag queen, so it’s funny to juxtapose the two. For example, it would also be funny to see Trump made to look like a fashion punk.

Trump is macho and takes himself very seriously, wheras drag performers are femme and tend to be whimsical. Also, while drag queens tend to be awesomely comfortable with their appearance, Trump would presumably be horribly embarrassed if he was made up that way. Which is also funny to imagine.


If you say so. But, anyone who invests that much time in their makeup isn’t exhibiting comfort in their appearance. They’re highly concerned with making the right appearance.

But - the joke is still that it’s funny to be associated with gender variance, right?


They can’t be doing it just for fun? There has to be a pathology?


I didn’t say & didn’t mean to imply pathology. Drag Queens are perfectionist about their presentations. They put a lot of work into it.

But again - is the joke that being associated with gender variance is funny?


Not trying to be argumentative, it just sounded like you were saying that makeup-applying drag queens must not be comfortable with their appearance to care enough to do themselves up.

I’m not a drag queen, so I really can’t say, but that doesn’t make sense to me.


It wasn’t my intent.

Not trying to be argumentative - but is the joke that being associated with gender variance is funny?


No idea, I wasn’t joking.

Thanks for the reply. :smile: