Trump: transgender people should be allowed to use whatever bathroom they like


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Trump chancing upon principle through sheer indifference

My money is on “Trump’s strategists telling him this will poll well and leave Cruz with a smaller piece of the pie, with no general election downside.”

If Trump’s strategists thought the same of harvesting undocumented migrants for organs, we’d be hearing about that instead.


Trump’s just being the true conservative here. He’s keeping big government out of your life - and upholding longstanding tradition. Trans women have been very publicly using the appropriate rest room since your grandparents time with Christine Jorgensen - that’s almost 70 years ago - that may be your great-grandparents.

Of course, much longer.


Trump is - rather weirdly - much better than many of his party peers with regards to certain social justice issues.

THIS is part of why he’s scary in a general against someone like Hillary.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he changed his mind completely next week.

It must burn the red pill conservative men’s rights people that the people who wrote the matrix are both trans women.


The strategists are of the mind that they should just let Trump be Trump. A strategic Trump wouldn’t step in it nearly so often.


Trump is not a conservative, he is playing one for votes is all. Racist yes, conservative not really.


Granted, it’s not like Trump would ever debase himself enough to use a public restroom in any case.


Unless you’re Muslim, then get outta here!


So, close enough for government work?


Even a blind pig . . .


Donald Trump, unlikely voice of reason.


…broken clocks, and all that…

::kicks the dirt sullenly::


The thing about what Trump says now is that in a few hours he will likely say the exact opposite, with a straight face, and somehow play both sides with impunity.


The entire idea that people would need somebody else to “allow” them to do anything on their own is already insufferably pompous.


It’s nice to know that the policy of trump tower is to follow the law. But sure, let’s pretend it’s the magical kingdom of trump.


One thing to keep in mind is that Caitlyn Jenner has endorsed Trump for president. I’m kind of surprised he’s speaking out. But I would be surprised if he risked her rescinding her endorsement by backpedaling now.

(Disclaimer: The only candidate I’m endorsing is Princess Pricklepants. I am trans and socialist. Not here to defend Trump.)


Trump’s approach reminds me of Adam Curtis’ segment on Newswipe covering Putin’s theatrics.

Not that this specific move has anything to do with Putin so much as the “keep them guessing and always off their guard” approach.

I don’t think it’s sincere, but I don’t think anything he does is. NPD persons don’t really have that capacity.


I’ve been thinking about this for weeks and smiling like Hugo Weaving.


Damn; you beat me to it.