Trump: states should decide which bathrooms trans people can use

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There’s no contradiction. Trump thinks the states should decide to get the Southern vote, but he personally says he doesn’t care in order to retain the NY vote. Nuance!


the awkward running back away from the center that he awkwardly started to run to begins.


Orbiting the plughole.

Meanwhile in the UK Boris Johnson, a slightly younger Trump lookalike, having said he would not play a large part in the EU referendum, has attacked Obama for being “part-Kenyan”, with an underlying suggestion that he is therefore anti-British and so supports EU membership because it is bad for us (you can see what going to Eton must be like.) Johnson is widely believed to be opposing EU membership in the hope that if the UK votes to leave, he will become Prime Minister. And currently that’s the only job his ego demands, though his qualifications for it are not obvious.

So we have an American citizen1 with part foreign ancestry loudly promoting his views on the EU while telling another American citizen, in a rather more important job, also with part foreign ancestry that he has no business having an opinion on the subject (Johnson is part-Turkish, part-Russian. ) Trumpismus is catching!

1Johnson qualifies to be Trump’s running mate, as he’s a natural born US citizen. Could Trump invite him over? They would make a perfect pair. And we’d be shot of him.
[edit - I’m told he doesn’t fulfil the residency requirements. Couldn’t you just get him over for 14 years or something? I’d contribute to the fare.]


“The states should decide” is really just a half-assed way of saying “I don’t want to take a position on this.” He thinks he can get liberal votes in Massachusetts while still getting conservative votes in Mississippi. Sorry, Donny, it won’t get you liberal votes or LGBT votes.

As a side note I like how you reversed the image of Trump for the two stories-- Donald leans this way, Donald leans that way, subtle but well done.



He’s a New York stater - electors from there wouldn’t be able to vote for him and Trump in the electoral college.

I think there’s a residency requirement anyway (the Internet tells me you have to had been living here for 14 years). Did Johnson ever get rid of his citizenship? I know he’s threatened to quite a lot.

It’s always interesting when his mask of jolly buffoonery slips and you get a glimpse of what’s behind it.

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well no, the states should decide, along with all the other stuff he is mentioning there (education being a damning example) is basically saying he supports “states rights” which is super-dogwhistle for slavery is ok, and if not that at least segregation is fine.


Like my follow up in the other thread, he’s a digital clock that just flashes 12:00 all day.


Only if the states can decide if we’d let The Donald use any of our restrooms!

I envision the highway signs:

“Next Rest Stop 10 Miles
Unless you are Donald Trump
THEN, Next Rest Stop 450 Miles”


Flip Flop redux


If it were Cruz saying it I’d agree, but I wonder if Trump even thinks about that stuff. His statement is so rambling it sounds improvised. (I love how he has to bring up “North Carolina, which I won, by the way” as if that’s at all relevant to the discussion.)

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Donald Trump doesn’t need to use public restrooms. He just lets the shit flow from his mouth.


Of course - these colors don’t include any orange. Not a bit.


I remember seeing a bumper sticker with that slogan a couple years after 9/11, and the colors had faded.


Its also a way of saying, of winking at the “libertarians” of the racist David Duke/Ron Paul variety who oppose things like the Civil Rights Act and anti-discrimination laws as the alleged efforts of “big government”.

Its about as close to a “dogwhistle” appeal to bigots as Trump has done. In most cases he just plainly comes out and announces his bigotry in the open. Much of Trump’s appeal comes from saying the bigoted stuff the rest of the GOP usually hides behind euphemism and inference.


Cheeto-Americans are the only group who one should discriminate based on skin color.


Every day, in every way, Trump gets more and more like William Cozzano. Trump has never had treatment for a stroke, has he?