Donald Trump's still running, but the campaign's over

More than one, undoubtedly, and I’m sure there’s a good chance many of them are batshit insane. However, trump seems to function well when the regulators aren’t watching, so I hope his many problems with law enforcement/tax issues/etc. brought to light recently will awaken regulatory interest, especially so he can’t just grab that cash and run.


Trump will lose so spectacularly, but unfortunately the damage has already been done as he did what no other lunatic right winger could - Unlike all the previous shysters he actually ran for president and whipped up the base more than they ever could’ve imagined. Or maybe they could imagine it but no one up until Turnip had the gumption to actually do it

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That could very well be the best modern visual interpretation of the trump campaign yet or ever. Especially if we consider the vehicle as GOP and trump as engine. Once they’re down, they’ll lie closely despite the clamor and thrash, only to be hauled to the scrapbin of history.



Y’all best not get too complacent. 3rd party candidates pull away some votes, some “meh, Hillary” Democrats stay home, and every freakin’ one of his supporters show up as they’re going to, on November 9th you’re looking at President Trump. And I can only accommodate one or two of you on my couch in Bruges.


[quote=“wrecksdart, post:11, topic:87929”]I don’t know about that, if you mean some clear dividing line that what he says no longer represents the views of the party. What do you mean by “considerable disconnect”?[/quote]Do you think Trump wants the slightest thing to do with the Republican party any more, and vice-versa? It seems hard to even think of him as having any kind of party affiliation anymore. He’s just kind of there. But it’s quite possible I haven’t been paying attention.


Good god. Out of context, his face seems so . . . Mt. Rushmore-ready!

Is there enough mountain left for an addendum?


Dibs! Dibs!


Oh well. I need a new keyboard anyway.


The leader of the Senate has yet to withdraw his endorsement of trump, and neither has Preibus to my knowledge. And whether they want to be tied together or not, I don’t need any group other than Republicans to say “Politics: Ethno-nationalist authoritarian”, but I’ll reserve “cheat” for trump.


If it helps, i empathise entirely with the USA.

Whilst the USA may currently be worse, we still have our own Tories to deal with.
They’re a bit less idiotic* than Trump, but every bit as nasty and intelligent enough to try to at least attempt to hide that fact from the public…

*(That said, Brexit, so that is very debatable.)


The election may be over, but the excuses are just beginning.


Definitely, you have to share this with the world…

He’s not worthy of the mantle. Never was. It was always an angry sham, imo.

'Tis sad, really. What have we become?

P.S. The campaign isn’t over. Trump must still be defeated on election day, so get the frick out and vote!


This is all I could see at first while looking at that…

I told google now not to show me items from that source anymore

Unfortunately, that’s how echo chambers start.

I don’t like either candidate, but I do try to keep tabs on both groups, so I don’t run the risk of becoming a mindless consumer. Some of the Wikileaks emails are rather insightful, like an October 8th email where her campaign is still arguing about whether to support TPP, and how to spin it.


Not to forget: the Trumpeters are still planning on running a racist intimidation campaign on election day to stop brown people from voting. And Trump wins in a white-only electorate, because more than half of the white voters of America are crazed racist arseholes.

It’s illegal as fuck, but most of the cops are Trump supporters.


hear, hear – this is how Brexit happened!


I have seen no fewer Trump campaign signs on lawns. Two in my neighborhood are homes owned by older, widowed ladies, so, the whole “only men vote for Trump now”, thing is not as solid as imagined. I haven’t seen anyone in discussions, online or off, say “I was going to vote for Trump, but after the debates I think I will vote for Clinton”.

So, while I am hearing there’s been a shift and the debates hurt him, etc., I am not seeing it. The debates were about him being a jackass. Given he’s always been a jackass, people were happy to vote for the jackass, and Clinton didn’t do anything to change people’s perception of her, I am dubious about these coffin nails.