Don't blink or you'll miss Jim Turner in "Dr. Brinks & Dr. Brinks"

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This is pretty weird. At a completely random moment yesterday, Randee of the Redwoods popped into my head, someone I had not thought about in years, and today I have to go sleuthing about who the heck is Jim Turner?

Jim is an absolute favorite of mine to cover.

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That movie poster looks like something from the 60s!


Well, fine, but just go easy on the telepathy next time, ok?

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Can someone cooler than me explain who Jim Turner is?



Singer from the Welk Show?

Chevy Dealer?

Wasn’t he in The Ref? The dude from Arli$$? I’ve always thought he should be in more stuff…

(I’m a sucker for great character actors!)

From the post:

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