Doorbell video records woman saving her kids from two vicious dogs with seconds to spare

Originally published at: Doorbell video records woman saving her kids from two vicious dogs with seconds to spare | Boing Boing


That must have been harrowing!
My new neighbors let their untrained pit bull run around the neighborhood, which tells me everything I need to know about them. Some people don’t deserve dogs.


The first dog definitely seems to be the aggressor, the second dog looks to be smaller, slower, and probably younger. Can you tell are they both Pit bulls? Is it possible the second dog is another bulldog or more than likely the same breed?


They were probably just “friendly” dogs who “wanted to play”.

Which may be completely true, but they still could have injured those little girls and/or traumatized them for life. Knocking a kid over and giving them a good licking can cause injuries and can be very traumatic. And that’s the least these dogs could have done.


I see two off-leash dogs racing aggressively toward a family who hadn’t even left their own walled property to enter a public area yet…what do you see?


Yeah they might not have been mauled, but I agree she made the right call getting the kids away from those dogs. That lead dog’s approach with its back hair standing up suggests it was in a very excited state and was likely not to back down from what ever it intended to do.


My blood pressure rises whenever I see owners walking dogs without leash, saying “oh he’s friendly”. I feel like brandishing a gun and tell them that the safety is on. Fuck them: leash the damned thing!


I suspect that mom has seen these dogs before.


They probably would have torn all three people to shreds.

Seems like an extreme conclusion to jump to! Kids screaming is always a bad mix with dogs though, so good move by the woman either way. Love the little garden.

It’s funny how universal this response is! I don’t care if your dog is the second coming of Jesus, put him on a leash. Plenty of people are justifiably afraid of dogs and don’t deserve to be scared like this! and it keeps your dog safe too!


I really, really despise shitty dog owners, especially in parks with scores of signs saying either No Dogs Allowed or All Pets Must be Leashed. I have a ridiculously severe and specific allergy to dogs, and I don’t want to come into contact with them AT ALL. So douchebags saying “what’s wrong with you, he just wants to play” when I scream at them to get their dogs under control when their dogs are confronting me make me want to punch them in their insipid faces. They seem to feel that their dogs have more rights than I do.


Nobody is gonna understad but…

PUM! Garibaldi, ja, ja ja


Does boingboing have a deal to promote Ring?

No longer do we get news stories about Ring employees and contractors having access to unencrypted video streams or Amazon/Ring’s marketing strategy to partner with local police departments in ways that many find inappropriate.

Instead we occasionally get videos of amazing/unusual things captured by Ring cameras along with prominent Ring branding. But when we get videos of interesting things caught by other security and surveillance cameras, the manufacturer is never mentioned.


The other security camera companies don’t pay us money under the table to say their brand.



my little pony rimshot GIF


pitbulls, surprise surprise


I believe flully and muffy would be really good targets for a 12 gauge loaded with deer slugs. Any out of control animal on the loose like that is forfeit in my book. So the owner sues me for losing the little fun loving puppies, much better than the owner’s apology for traumatizing and maybe killing my kids. If you love fluff and muff control them or lose them. Harsh? Maybe, ever see a mauled kid?


Pibbles tend to get a bad rap over all, but its not an entirely undeserved one as things like this show. But as always, it isn’t the dogs at fault, it’s the owners. Bad enough that two of them are just roving a neighborhood unattended but they have also clearly not been very well trained. They were either ready to attack or so excited that they would have likely caused injury even if it wasn’t intended.


Not quite, but it is a song from that area (Argentina)
It’s an old popular song about a dog named Garibaldi that terrorized a neighborhood until he was shot down and everyone celebrated

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I definitely get a “Chopper: sic balls” vibe from that first dog.