Dora applies the Presidential cognitive test

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That was brilliant. But you just know that Trump would not hesitate to put Dora and her cousin Diego into cages if given half a chance.

Not to mention defacing “The Map” with a sharpie.



I’m really getting the feeling that he is pushing this test as a campaign tool. Sure, to anyone thinking clearly, it isn’t a flattering comment, but it works in conjunction with ads he’s running. He knows the press will run with the jokes, but he is doing a huge push about Biden’s cognitive decline in his online advertising, and a lot of the ads focus on moments driven more by Biden’s stutter than his actual worrying moments. This sets up a situation where people who are only mildly paying attention, but have caught the jokes and ads will see Biden stumble a bit in a debate and make the connection.


One silly question, the cognitive test Trump took seems very “minimal pass”. As in, someone with a severe stroke or very severe brain damage might lose the ability to pass this one. Is there another test used to detect the onset of Alzheimers or other declining function (ex: memory tests or associative tests) that are given that he did not pass? I ask this because I knew people who had Alzheimers onset (would take years to reach full decline), but who would have breezed through this one for the first 3 years of their diagnosis.

I’d like to know if that is the only test he was given, or if other tests were given, and the “cow goes moo” test is the only one which did not immediately indicate something is wrong.


The fact that Trump keeps harping on about this is proof he’s not “cognitively all there.” That he finds this basic test to be difficult and passing it an accomplishment shows that, in fact, he doesn’t even really know what it means to be “cognitively all there.” Will we see him prove his competence with other low-hanging fruit that he mistakes for impressive intellectual feats? Brag about being able to tie his own shoes? That he can remember most of his children’s names? That he can drink a glass of water… oh, right.

There are all sorts of tests, but the problem with anything more subtle is that it requires an earlier test to compare it to as a baseline. Otherwise you have no idea if they were just always an idiot.


When do you think someone in the Trump Crime Syndicate or someone at Minitrue (dba Fox News) will start calling to “Deporta the Explorer”?

That fruit has already fallen off the tree and is rotting on the ground. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


If Biden were a head in a bed I would still vote for him.

The saddest part of this whole incident is that none of those words came up on Trump’s actual test. Fact is, he can’t remember any of them now, so he used “person, woman, man, camera, TV” because all those things were nearby when he gave the example – he didn’t have to remember, he just had to look around at them again.

[ETA: this is a joke, BTW-- I don’t know what words came up on his test, but the words he chose sure sound like what he was looking at while he was talking.]


This needs to be a Biden campaign ad.

It’s utterly demeaning, hilarious, and damning all at the same time!

Broadcasting this would go a long way to showing him as the fool he is


“I didn’t forget, antifa stole that memory. Very bad people.”



“How do you know Swiper is AntiFa?”
“He’s wearing a mask!”


Gotta love The Wiener Circle. They just always have to get the digs in

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Are you talking about Don Jr. or Eric here?


Hey! Don’t be sexist! Ivanka is a price of crap too.


On the upside, I was reminded of the following:

Babies. Mother. Hospital. Scissors.
Creature. Judgement. Butcher. Engineer.
Babies. Mother. Hospital. Scissors.
Creature. Judgement. Butcher. Engineer

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he also doesn’t know what it means to “take a test” - according to his niece anyway - probably has never had to worry about failure at a test because of his family wealth, and always has walked away saying how successful he was ( because he’s a narcissist )

i think biden’s ads should probably be “you were the best president ever, donny. you deserve to rest” – oops — “retire in peace.”

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Ask him for those five words again tomorrow.