Doritos sold a bag of chips with a semidisposable MP3 player

Uh, did you read my comment? The Doritos bag includes all the songs, but the $25 imitation Walkman I was talking about only includes one song.

Kind of. I MIS-read your comment, didn’t see the “or” for the $25 dollar MP3 player.

If you’re gonna bring realism into it, consider that those orange foam earphones still looked as pristine and new as the day he bought them, rather than having crumbled to bits from a couple decades of wear and ear sweat. Not to mention have developed a short in the plug or cables by now.

But maybe there’s some kind of black market in Earth artifacts and he was able to replace them when that happened…


[quote=“Bondo, post:19, topic:100175”]And finally, speaking of bumps - one drop of my walkman and it shattered as though it were a piece of fruit sitting in liquid nitrogen. I have no idea how it made it through one day of “star-lord”'s life.[/quote]The first time it broke, his keepers repaired it and subjected it to a technowhatsit that replaced the polymer molecules with self-programming nanites made of carbon nanotubes, thus rendering it impervious. Or something. (I made that up.)

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i’ll be the guy that willingly admits that i wanted one of these as soon as i saw it.

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I rather suspect this was more about marketing junk food than movies.

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Yeah (and I should have read your post before posting mine) I think you are right. But it IS still quite clever marketing - just by the other party.

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I think your brevity beats my bloviation!

Every bite of fish you have now contains plastic, and people dont even care? Please keep right on being ‘that guy’.
We are killing our only home, and much of it is because of stupid and useless crap like this.

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The US gets all the cool promo stuff. GotG2 is opening here in a week or so but absolutely zero cool promo crap.

Where’s the link to the teardown?

My band is releasing an EP on 256MB USB Glass Jars. Not THAT is mocking technology!


Thanks for the link. All in all that was a pretty disappointing teardown. Just a couple of hastily snapped photos with no real detailed description of the internals. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by iFixIt but that was a pretty lame article.

Also, BB favorite Techmoan has already debunked the “cassette tapes never sounded that great” statement:

tl;dw is that cassettes were perfectly capable of sounding nearly as good as CDs but by the time the hardware got to this level, the format was already moribund.

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Around here, a lot.
Because stores that sell batteries must take them back. There’s usually a little bin near the till or in the bagging area. And extra bins in public buildings or next to the bottle bank. If you explain to people why it’s a good idea (without treating them like idiots) and provide a bit of infrastructure so they don’t have to go out of their way, most of them will just do it. It takes some time to pick up, but after a while it’s just another part of everyday life.
Downside: other countries will mock you for it.

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That’s awesome!

Canada is pretty good, Toronto especially, as we actually have a profitable municipal recycling program here, so there’s a lot of incentive to get people to recycle.

But hazardous goods recycling? Not so much. And that sadly includes batteries. I’m lucky enough to live in a building that has electronics and battery recycling programs.

I just used duct tape. Worked for me.

Did you know it’s possible to order an mp3 player for 19 cents (plus $2.50 in shipping)? It seems to me that if $30 bag of chip mp3 players are a thing, people ought to be able to do more with cheap music and audiobook players promotionally bundled into other products.

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