Doritos sold a bag of chips with a semidisposable MP3 player


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OK, I’m going to be “that guy”.

It’s clever marketing, sure. But how much waste and non-reusable material has that little marketing campaign created? How about letting the movie stand on its own merits and maybe stop to think that we don’t need to produce so much gd* garbage?


Thought I was going to read that someone consumed the player.


Apparently journos got it but its rarely seen in the wild.


soon, no one will have to eat at all though, we can all just be sated on the self-consuming ouroboros of aftermarket cynicism, post-irony irony and kitch-prescience.


That’s pretty brilliant. I doubt many people are going to just toss a pricey, super-collectable limited edition item like this, as if it’s just a tortilla chip bag. They’ll keep it around and the buzz around this kind of item is great marketing all by itself.

Having been through the Age Of AOL CDs, I think a collectible item like this isn’t something to be too concerned about.


CDs don’t contain toxic rechargeable batteries. How many of these mp3 players do you think will be recycled in any meaningful way?


I am surprised that they even sold a bag of chips in the first place!


Barn meet no horses.


“When I push my belly button Fleetwood Mac plays.”


How many people bother to recycle batteries in any meaningful way? Fix that problem and the comparatively tiny problem of recycling the batteries here is solved as well.


Hmm. I don’t know:

Assuming this was done to market a film, it might have been considered to be clever, film marketing if it came out prior to GotG, then an unknown quantity. With that first film ending up earning over ¾ of a trillion dollars at the box office worldwide (let’s not even talk about merch!), GotG2 is already a cinch.

So why the Doritos deal? Perhaps this was simply about Frito Lays Co. marketing Doritos by latching on to the GotG rising star (getting Doritos back on peoples’ minds), and the GotG franchise earning what it can from whoever wants to leverage off of the GotG name.


The plastic CD’s are made from is surely bad, no? And AOL printed 660 million. Compare with a few thousand of these batteries.


You keep on being that guy.


Y’know, something like this seems pretty ridiculous. But I’m not sure what’s more ridiculous, this, or the $25 Guardians of the Galaxy MP3 player, designed to imitate a cassette Walkman, that only comes with and has room for one song.

Meanwhile, you can get a Chinese MP3 player that takes an SD card with music for just 19 cents plus shipping on Amazon. Buy that, a $3 256 MB SD card, and the $10 GotG2 album from Amazon (which comes with free downloadable MP3s of the album) and you’re all set for a lot less than a $30 bag of chips.

It seems like these cheap MP3 players would make a great promotional tool, not just for music but also for books/ebooks via audiobook giveaways. I wonder why nobody’s doing that yet?


Your liver will process all the harmful heavy metals DUHHHH


What might the price difference be between the pair of headphones and an ordinary Bluetooth transmitter?

Then again, last time I bought a cheap Bluetooth transmitter for my old MP3 player, I found it surprisingly difficult to operate without careful scrutiny of the instructions, so perhaps it would be best to stick with headphones even if they come at added expense.


I’m with you for the most part, but if you watched the video, you’d know it contained the entire album, not just one song.
Also: you left out the cost of a bag of stale chips.


Part of the… appeal?.. of the promo was the nostalgia and matching the movie, which had a cassette player and a dirt cheap pair of headphones…

That said… cassettes? REALLY?
Plus every time he took a bump (and he takes a lot of bumps) - WARBLE WARBLE WARBLE
And finally, speaking of bumps - one drop of my walkman and it shattered as though it were a piece of fruit sitting in liquid nitrogen. I have no idea how it made it through one day of “star-lord”'s life.


Weirdly enough, cassettes have had a resurgence lately among indie bands. I’ve been given cassettes of demos at a few shows and have no way to play them anymore. They must be cheap to produce. I’ve been tempted by the replica cassette they’ve been selling, just for the retro appeal. But again: not buying a walkman so I can hear these great songs sounding extra-shitty.